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8.29 Harmony Release Notes

Log in to the Harmony Portal to access the latest version of the API Manager, Management Console, and Citizen Integrator or to download the latest version of Design Studio and Private Agents. As always, please contact support if you need help.

8.29.2 Harmony Release Notes - March 15, 2018


Harmony version 8.29.2 affects only Private Agents and Studio. In order to take advantage of the new features, please download the 8.29.2 Private Agent and Studio at Web Management Console.

New Features

  • QuickBooks: OAuth 2.0 is now supported.
    The QuickBooks connector has been updated to support OAuth 2.0 authentication while remaining backward compatible with OAuth 1.0.
  • Studio: Workday Connector is now available.
    The Workday Connector is now accessible from the Studio. You can find the Workday Connector in Connectors tree.
  • Studio: SAP S4 HANA Connector is now available.
    The SAP S4 HANA Connector is now accessible from the Studio. You can find the SAP S4 HANA (on-premises) Connector in the Connector tree.


  • Studio: Fixed an issue with the 'Log Only Errors' operation option.
    The 'Log Only Errors' option located under the operation options in the Studio now functions as expected. When 'Log Only Errors' is selected, child operations will not display in the log when completed successfully. Parent (root level) operations always display in the log since they require logging to function properly.

8.29 Harmony Release Notes - February 22, 2018

New Features

  • Okta Single Sign-on (SSO): Log in to Jitterbit using Okta credentials.
    Jitterbit now supports single sign-on (SSO) to Web Management Console and Studio using SAML 2.0 and Okta as your Identity Provider.
  • Web Management Console (WMC) and Private Agent: Added a new notification email type when a new Private Agent version is available.
    A new Notification Type, Agent Available, has been added to the WMC Notifications page. The Agent Available notification may be set up to automatically send an email to a specified email address at the time a new Private Agent version is released.


  • Private Agent: Linux installation has been upgraded to support Ubuntu 16.04
    Linux Private Agent now supports Ubuntu 14.04 and Ubuntu 16.04. Ubuntu 12.04 is no longer supported.
  • Security enhancements: Multiple upgrades
    Multiple updates have been made to improve stability and security of the system.


  • JDBC/ODBC Databases: Improved handling of case sensitivity in the database table filter.
    Improved our support in the database wizard for filtering tables within databases that store their identifiers in upper or lower case.

  • API Debug Logs: Fixed the issue where the message field did not display if the operation failed.
    API debug logs now correctly display the error message for an operation that fails.

  • Formula Builder: Fixed an issue with the DateAdd() function where adding 12 months to any December date returned the incorrect year.
    Using the DateAdd() function to add 12 months to any December date now returns the correct date; returning a date exactly 1 year from the original date.

  • Web Management Console (WMC) and Studio: Fixed an issue where a user that is assigned to two roles is not able to log in.
    Fixed roles and permissions so that a user that is assigned to multiple roles with the same permissions within the same environment is able to log in to WMC and Design Studio successfully.

  • Formula Builder: Fixed an issue that causes a dictionary or array to become corrupt when the variable name contains a period and a JavaScript is run.
    When using JavaScript within Jitterbit, JavaScript will no longer process variables that contain a period when the variables are dictionaries or arrays.

  • PostgreSQL Database: Fixed an error when running a SQL statement on a PostgreSQL database with an OID higher than int allows.
    A SQL statement will run successfully on a PostgreSQL database when an OID is higher than the integer data type allows.