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10.20 Harmony release notes

10.20 Harmony release

Harmony portal, private agents, and Sandbox Cloud Agent Group released June 17, 18, and 22, 2020

The 10.20 release date is by region:

  • APAC: Released 17 June 2020

  • EMEA: Released 18 June 2020

  • NA: Released June 22, 2020

Included in this release are updates to these Harmony components:

The Sandbox Cloud Agent Group and cloud applications accessed through the Harmony portal have been updated to 10.20 at the time of the release. Private agent installers are available in each region as of the conclusion of each region's release.

As of June 10, 2020, Design Studio and private agent versions 10.2 have reached end of life and are no longer supported. We recommend that all users of these (and earlier) versions upgrade to the latest versions as soon as practicable.

New features

Cloud Studio

  • BigCommerce Connector
    A new Cloud Studio connector for BigCommerce is now available to use with agents version 10.1 or higher.


Cloud Studio

  • Navigation between activity configuration steps is improved
    While navigating in an activity configuration, using the step numbers or the Next button now works to move to already configured steps. Returning to an already configured step preserves your changes.

  • Jira: Custom field names now used in request/response schemas
    When configuring activities to create, update, and search Jira issues, the request and response schemas now use the Jira custom field names instead of custom field IDs. Existing activities and transformations must be reconfigured to work properly.


API Manager

  • Azure AD now supported in OAuth Security Profiles
    Harmony API Manager now supports Microsoft Azure Active Directory as an OAuth security profile.

Cloud Studio

  • NetSuite transformations viewable in preview mode
    You can now view NetSuite transformations in preview mode using sample data.

  • Snowflake: The Put activity now supports Amazon S3 as an external source
    You can now use an Amazon S3 source with the Stage File approach in Snowflake Put activities.



  • Fixed an issue where operations using URL encoding of FTP filenames failed
    Agents versions 10.18 and 10.19: Operations using URL encoding in FTP URL filenames were failing and generating errors.

Cloud Studio

  • ServiceNow: Custom tables are now immediately visible
    Custom tables created in ServiceNow are immediately available after refreshing. Previously you needed to wait at least two hours after the last cache reset to see the new tables.

  • Fixed an issue where the project history did not always record adding or removing schedules from an operation
    Previously adding or removing schedules from an operation did not appear correctly in project history. They are now correctly recorded and listed in project history.

  • Activities now retain plugins
    When you added a plugin to an activity, the plugin was lost after navigating away from the operation. This has been fixed.

Design Studio

  • Changes to file format settings now remind you to save
    Selecting or clearing Use line breaks for end of records when defining a file format now asks if you want to save the change before deploying or closing the project.

  • Microsoft Dynamic AX 2012: Updated connector download
    An updated Microsoft AX 2012 connector, version, is available for download from the Harmony portal download page. This update fixes a problem with invalid credentials being accepted as valid.

Harmony backend

  • Security profile selections are now reported correctly in API Manager Analytics
    The API Manager analytics page now correctly displays hits, response time, and status code using the security profile specified in the Profiles filter.