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10.22 Harmony release notes

10.22 Harmony release

Harmony portal, private agents, and Sandbox Cloud Agent Group released July 29, August 3, and 4, 2020

The 10.22 release date is by region:

  • APAC: Released 29 July 2020

  • EMEA: Released 3 August 2020

  • NA: Released August 4, 2020

Included in this release are updates to these Harmony components:

The Sandbox Cloud Agent Group and cloud applications accessed through the Harmony portal have been updated to 10.22 at the time of the release. Private agent installers are available in each region as of the conclusion of each region's release.

As of July 22, 2020, Design Studio and private agent versions 10.4 have reached end of life and are no longer supported. We recommend that all users of these (and earlier) versions upgrade to the latest versions as soon as practicable.

New features

Cloud Studio

  • Workday Prism Analytics
    A new Cloud Studio connector for Workday Prism Analytics is now available to use with agents version 10.1 or higher, with Create, Get Status, Load Data, and Complete wBucket activities available.



  • Oracle JDBC driver upgraded to version 8
    The Oracle JDBC driver version 6 was upgraded to version 8 for improved performance. Cloud agents (such as the Sandbox Cloud Agent Group) that have been upgraded to version 10.22 will have this upgraded version of the JDBC driver.

Cloud Studio

  • The organization dropdown now scrolls correctly
    The organization dropdown in the Harmony portal now allows scrolling through all organizations.

  • Configuration values can now have leading or trailing spaces
    Leading or trailing spaces may be used in text input areas when entering configuration settings. Cloud Studio no longer treats spaces in configuration settings as errors.


API Manager

  • User roles can be assigned to APIs
    You can now assign user roles to an API in step 3 of the Publish new API wizard, controlling what can be viewed in the Portal and Portal Manager.

  • API Manager UI changes
    The API Manager user interface features a number of changes designed to improve the user experience.

Cloud Studio

  • Shopify: A page parameter is available in the Query activity.
    A Shopify Query activity can return paginated data and you can filter returned results by pages.

  • Testing a Database Query activity now returns up to 20 rows of data
    When testing a database query, up to 20 rows of data are returned with agent versions 10.11 or higher.



  • Fixed an issue with the agent scheduler service
    In some cases, the PostgreSQL connection closed. The private agent then failed and scheduled operations did not run. Errors resulting from this were reported in the log. Now, the agent will attempt to open a new connection to run the scheduled operations.

API Manager

  • API URL count is now accurate
    The count of API URLs used and Proxy URLs used is now reported accurately. Previously, if you deleted an org, the org's API URLs and Proxy URLs counts were still included.
  • Clearing Select All no longer deselects the Administrator
    When assigning user roles in the Create new API wizard, clearing the Select All checkbox removes all selected roles, even those assigned the Administrator role, except for the Administrator. The Administrator is never removed.

Cloud Studio

  • BigCommerce, Coupa, or DocuSign: Fixed a source of intermittent errors
    If you receive a "Connector activity is partially loaded on the Jitterbit Agent or it is missing functionality" error, restart the agent service. We have replaced the dependency responsible for the error.

  • Coupa: The Pick List/Fulfillment object used in the Create activity no longer causes an error
    Using this object no longer causes a parser error when deploying and running an operation.

  • Editing hidden project variables now requires user verification
    Hidden project variable values require user validation before they can be edited in the project variable list view. To edit a variable but keep it hidden, first unhide the variable, and then edit it and hide it.

  • A renamed workflows is now saved with the new name
    Modifying a workflow name did not save the new name. Instead, it would revert to the previous name. This has been fixed.

  • The organization dropdown now scrolls correctly
    For users who are members of a large number of organizations, the organization dropdown in the Harmony portal now allows scrolling through all organizations.

  • The GetXMLString() function works with parent nodes in Cloud Studio
    Using GetXMLString() now works with parent nodes and does not produce an undefined token error.

Design Studio

  • Retry is now available with HTTP sources and targets
    The option to enable retry is now available with both HTTP sources and targets. You can set the maximum number of times to retry the connection and the retry interval in seconds.