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8.17.0 Harmony Release Notes

Harmony Release Notes – September 23, 2016

Log in to the Harmony Portal to access the latest version of the API Manager, Management Console, and Citizen Integrator or to download the latest version of Design Studio and Private Agents. For support, visit Getting Support.

Release Highlights

  • New feature: Option to import projects into multiple environments (Harmony website)
    When you import a project (Web Management Console [WMC] > Projects > Import Project), you now have the option to select multiple environments at a time. This will import the project into as many environments as you select.
  • New feature: Option to test operations after importing a project (Harmony website)
    After importing a project successfully (WMC > Projects > Import Project), you are now prompted with the option to select and run operations from that project for testing purposes. If you wish to test more than one at a time, simply select multiple operations, then click Run.
  • Improvement: Smoother performance with API calls API calls now run faster due to improved performance of the API platform through additional data caching. This will allow for better throughput and scaling of the platform.
  • Improvement: Popups for error messages (Harmony website)
    When error messages are encountered in the WMC, a popup now appears on top of the current page to display the specific error. This allows you remain on the current page instead of being redirected to a generic error page.
  • Improvement: Visual improvements to Activities page (Harmony website)
    Visual improvements have been made to the Activities page on the WMC so that the selected record is now highlighted, and the icons used for expanding and collapsing the tree structure now come in the form of arrows.
  • Fix: Countdown until session timeout (Harmony website)
    The countdown popup previously added to the WMC has been fixed for several pages and is now functioning normally on all pages. If the prompt is not acknowledged within two minutes, you will be returned to the login screen. This gives you the chance to prevent interruption to your work if you are still active.
  • Fix: Refresh after changes to Organizations (Harmony website)
    The Organizations page within the WMC now refreshes upon removing a member from the organization.
  • Fix: Navigate away from Dashboard before statistics load (Harmony website)
    The Harmony Cloud Dashboard on the WMC no longer times out while retrieving long-running statistics, allowing you to navigate to other pages before the statistics load.
  • Fix: Sort columns on Organizations page (Harmony website)
    On the Organizations page of the WMC, clicking on the column headers for Organization, Date Created, Date Joined, or Status now properly sorts the items in alphabetical order.
  • Fix: Removing Projects/Environments in Mozilla Firefox (Harmony website)
    Using Mozilla Firefox to delete a Project or Environment in the WMC no longer produces a message asking to resend confirmation. Instead, the Project or Environment is removed immediately as expected.


  • New feature: Control over whitespace
    Whitespace for values within an XML source can now be preserved during the transformation to a target by setting "$jitterbit.source.xml.trim = false".
  • Improvement: Support for null characters
    Support for null characters has been added to UTF-16 and UTF-32 character encoding sets for text sources and targets.
  • Improvement (Salesforce): Standardized character encoding
    The character encoding behavior for Salesforce bulk operations now works the same way as for Salesforce operations, with operation responses being UTF-8 encoded regardless of the character encoding type of the source.
  • Fix: Option to ignore lines
    The option to ignore a set number of first or last lines now works properly for UTF-16 (LE and BE) encoded text files. This option is specified during the setup of a source or target.
  • Security enhancement: Library upgrade
    The async-http-client library has been upgraded to version 1.9.38. This improves the security of asynchronous HTTP connections made by the Agent.


  • Improvement (Autodesk): Faster queries
    The Autodesk Fusion Lifecycle (formerly known as Autodesk PLM360) Connector no longer includes relationship information by default (i.e., "includeRelationships = false" is now set by default). This makes queries run faster because the operation will no longer spend extra time checking for relationships where none exist. This option can be changed back while editing the transformation under Options.
  • Fix (Salesforce): Prompt to correct file extension errors
    The Salesforce Query Wizard no longer produces an error when creating new Temporary Storage or Local File targets without extensions and specified extensions other than .txt, .csv, .xml, and .json. Instead, when these conditions are encountered, the next step of the wizard now instructs you to select the file type.