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8.18.0 Harmony release notes

Harmony release notes – November 3, 2016

Log in to the Harmony portal to access the latest version of the API Manager, Management Console, and Citizen Integrator or to download the latest version of Design Studio and private agents. For support, visit Getting support.

Release highlights

  • New feature: Out-of-the-box notification system (Harmony website)
    Get notified when your Agent is down! You can now configure email notifications remotely for when your Agent is down for the amount of time you specify. This option is available from the Web Management Console (WMC) on the new Notifications page (Menu > Notifications). Stay tuned for additional notification events, such as for errors or canceled operations, to be added in the near future.
  • Improvement (NetSuite): Compatibility with latest NetSuite release (Studio/Agent)
    Jitterbit has been verified for NetSuite 2016.2 compatibility.
  • Improvement: Dashboard loads faster and is more responsive (Harmony website)
    The Harmony Cloud Dashboard now loads statistics faster as a result of changing the way these statistics are retrieved. This includes loading statistics individually per section of the dashboard. In addition, the user interface is now more responsive and easier to use on smaller screen sizes or lower resolution displays.
  • Improvement: Infinite scrolling through operation activities (Harmony website)
    To improve user experience, you can now scroll through an infinite number of rows on the Activities page of the WMC, making it easier to quickly navigate through a large number of records.
  • Improvement: Alphabetical order for project operations (Harmony website)
    On the Projects page of the WMC, the listed operations within the Operations tab are now in alphabetical order.
  • Fix: Full logging for APIs now functions properly (Agent)
    APIs now log properly when debug mode is enabled via WMC or Studio. Debug mode can be enabled at the API level via the WMC from the API Management section by setting the "Debug Until" option. Or, debug mode can be enabled at the operation level via Studio within Operation Options by setting "Enable Debug Mode Until." Previously, when debug mode was enabled via WMC or Studio, some operations did not log. The debug mode setting via the Jitterbit config file was unaffected and continues to function properly.
  • Fix: Tab display for Safari web browser (Harmony website)
    For those using the Safari web browser, an issue with the graphical display has been resolved so that tabs are now visible on the Activities page of the WMC.
  • Fix: Project variables refreshed after project import (Harmony website)
    When importing the same project in an environment multiple times (WMC > Projects > Import Project), only one set of project variables for the most recently imported project will appear in the project variable list. This fixes an issue where identical project variables were being duplicated.


  • New feature: Option to add new configuration settings remotely
    You can now add new configuration settings in the Jitterbit config file remotely via the Web Management Console (WMC). This feature allows you to override default Private Agent settings, even if the particular setting was not previously set in the Agent configuration. To do this, first make sure you have remote Agent configuration enabled (Organizations > Actions > Organization Policies). Then go to the Jitterbit config file (Agent Groups > Actions > Jitterbit Config), where you will see a new Add button next to Edit. Here you can specify the new parameter and value, whether the parameter should be enabled, and the existing section to which the setting will be added.
  • New features: Scripting for Agent version name and ID, current project name
    You can now access the Agent version name and version ID using new script functions: GetAgentVersionName(), GetAgentVersionId(). These are consistent with the existing functions GetAgentName() and GetAgentId(). You can also now use the current project name in scripts by using $jitterbit.operation.project_name. This is a new system variable that holds the current project name when the operation is running.
  • New feature: Improved support for XML \<any> element
    You can now use the XML \<any> element in an XML schema, including when defined as the middle sibling in an XML schema.
  • Improvement: Notification of manual configuration changes
    If you have enabled remote Agent configuration and the Jitterbit config file becomes modified manually outside WMC, you will now see a warning icon and message icon displayed on the Agents and Agent Groups pages of the WMC. Clicking the message icon will open a popup with a detailed description of the warning. Note that manual changes to the config file will always override your existing configuration.
  • Improvement (Linux): Creating new file share directories
    For those using a Private Agent on Linux, you can now specify target file share paths that do not yet exist. That is, the Linux Agent will no longer produce an error if the directory does not yet exist, and instead will create new file share directories as specified.
  • Improvement: Option to disable logging for Hosted HTTP Endpoints
    You now have the ability to disable operation logging for Hosted HTTP Endpoints, which allows for greater efficiency and throughput under load. To do this, edit the Jitterbit config file under the [HttpEndpoints] section to set EnableLogging = false.
  • Fix (OData API): Carriage returns and special character supported
    For those using OData API, fields containing multiple carriage returns or certain special characters are now supported. These fields in OData results will no longer be truncated.
  • Fix: GetUTCFormattedDataTime returns correct time
    The GetUTCFormattedDateTime function now returns the correct time for all standard U.S. timezones (PST, MST, CST, EST). Previously, the CST and PST timezones were returning results an hour off during Daylight Saving Time.
  • Security enhancements: OpenSSL and Apache Tomcat upgrades
    The Apache Tomcat version was upgraded to Version 8.0.36, which improves performance and security. The OpenSSL library was upgraded from 1.0.2h to 1.0.2j. This addresses all known OpenSSL vulnerabilities and improves the security of SSL connections made by the Agent.


  • Fix (MS Dynamics AX): Connection timeout limit removed
    You are no longer limited when specifying the maximum timeout value during endpoint creation. This fixes an issue where large datasets were timing out after five minutes, the previous maximum timeout value.
  • Fix (Salesforce): Test credentials in project variables
    You can now test Salesforce Queries with credentials specified in project variables. Previously, when using project variable credentials, testing the operation would produce an error, although running the operation would still succeed.
  • Fix: "Allow truncation" selection retained after restoring from cloud
    When setting up a target database structure, the checkbox selection for "Allow truncation of character fields to avoid field length errors" now retains its value when a project is restored from the cloud.
  • Fix: Prompt when closing the Formula Builder
    When closing the Formula Builder using the window's 'X' button, a popup no longer asks to save if no changes have been made. The popup will still appear if changes have been made.