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Winter 2019 Harmony release


Log in to the Harmony portal to access the latest version of Cloud Studio, API Manager, Marketplace, Management Console, and Citizen Integrator or download the latest version of Design Studio, Private agents, or the Private API gateway. For support, visit Getting support.

What's new in Harmony winter '19

Discover what's new in Winter '19:


  • The maximum iterations for JavaScript loops can now be set in the jitterbit.conf file. In the [Settings] section, specify JavaScriptMaxIterations=_limit_ where _limit_ is the maximum number of iterations to be permitted.

  • The Java distribution included in the Harmony Linux and Windows Agents has been changed from the Oracle JRE to the AdoptOpenJDK JRE.

  • The PostgreSQL instance bundled in the Windows Private Agent installer has been upgraded to version 9.6.11.

API Manager

  • Organization admins can now—using the Management Console—assign the 'ApiConsumer' permission to a role. A user assigned a role with only the 'ApiConsumer' permission is restricted to only logging in to the APIM Portal, accessing the API documentation, and executing the APIs.

  • The logs in the API Manager can now be filtered based on environment, API name, authentication profile, status code, and request method.

  • The API Manager page, API Logs, now supports pagination if there are more than 20 API logs.

  • A user with non-administrative permission on an organization and without read permission on an environment will be given an error message of "Insufficient Environment Permissions" upon clicking the API Manager tile in the Harmony landing page.

  • New functionality added to API Manager to create, update, delete, and clone proxy APIs. API Manager now allows you to publish your existing internal and third-party APIs through the Harmony platform for management, security, and governance:

    • Configure basic settings
    • Configure services and methods
    • Assign security profiles
    • Ability to upload a YAML or JSON file for quick and easy discovery of the existing API (the API that is being proxied)
    • Securely publish and manage existing APIs (APIs that were not developed in Harmony API Manager)
    • Operational and debug logs
    • Analyze performance and consumption trends for your API proxies
  • In a Custom API with CORS enabled, all methods can now be used from within the API Manager Portal.

API proxy

  • Swagger for the API Manager Portal now includes generating API Proxy documentation.

Design Studio

  • The maximum iterations for JavaScript loops can now be set in the jitterbit.conf file. See the enhancements to Private Agents below.

  • The Java distribution included in the Jitterbit Design Studio on Windows has been changed from the Oracle JRE to the AdoptOpenJDK JRE.

  • Improved the importing of recipes into Design Studio, a feature added in Harmony 9.4. In the Design Studio, the recipe list for each connector is now sorted alphabetically.

Harmony platform

  • The OData $count and $inlinecount=allpages system query options have been added to the OData suite with certain restrictions. Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle, and PostgreSQL are supported. Other databases that do not support these options (such as SAP) should not produce any errors. Filter expressions are supported for both $count and $inlinecount. The $count option will return an error if 0 rows are returned in the query; otherwise, a single number will be returned with no XML body. (This error strategy is identical to previous releases.) The $inlinecount option must appear as $inlinecount=allpages in the URI; any other value for $inlinecount will be ignored. The 'count' will be added to the body of the XML return message.

  • Updated the Harmony Portal menu located in the upper left of each page to allow easy access to all pages within each using sub-menus. The existing Classic API Management and API Analytics menus and pages are now deprecated. Please switch to using the API Manager menus and pages for all of your work with your APIs.

  • The SAP Connector now supports the Table Parameters type for any BAPI or RFC.

  • OData now supports NULL value queries for supported databases.

Jitterbit Salesforce connector

  • Upgraded connector support from Salesforce REST API version 41 to version 44. This implicitly includes objects from Salesforce API v42 and v43. When launching existing Jitterbit Salesforce projects within Design Studio, a popup dialog will will ask about upgrading the project to v44.

Management Console

  • You can now associate a Cloud Agent Group with a new environment when creating an environment in the Harmony Quick Start wizard.

  • Added search and sorting functionality to the operation and schedules pane of the Management Console's Projects page.

Private agents

  • Boolean types are now supported for OData when using SQL Server, MySQL, or PostgreSQL.

  • SAP fields defined as doubles now work correctly when used in OData APIs.