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9.7 Harmony Release Notes

9.7 Harmony Release Notes

Released January 10, 2019 in EMEA and January 14, 2019 in NA

Included in this release are updates to API Manager, API Proxy, Citizen Integrator, Design Studio, and Private Agents. Download links for Design Studio, Private Agents, and Private Gateway are available as of January 14, 2019.


API Manager

  • Organization admins can now—using the Management Console—assign the 'ApiConsumer' permission to a role. A user assigned a role with only the 'ApiConsumer' permission is restricted to only logging in to the APIM Portal, accessing the API documentation, and executing the APIs.

  • The logs in the API Manager can now be filtered based on environment, API name, authentication profile, status code, and request method.

  • The API Manager page, API Logs, now supports pagination if there are more than 20 API logs.

  • A user with non-administrative permission on an organization and without read permission** on an environment will be given an error message of "Insufficient Environment Permissions" upon clicking the API Manager tile in the Harmony landing page.

API Proxy

  • Swagger for the API Manager Portal now includes generating API Proxy documentation.

Private Agents

  • Boolean types are now supported for OData when using SQL Server, MySQL, or PostgreSQL.

  • SAP fields defined as doubles now work correctly when used in OData APIs.


API Manager

  • Fixed an issue where the OAuth2.0 redirect URL in the security profile settings was displayed inaccurately.

Citizen Integrator

  • Fixed an issue with generating a recipe from an uploaded Jitterpak that didn't have any project variables.

  • Fixed an issue with generating a recipe and accessing the setup configuration step if there was no action.

Design Studio

  • Fixed an issue with a transformation condition not being maintained after closing, reopening, or refreshing a transformation with a target node with conditions specified on extra folders.

Private Agents

  • Fixed an issue with retrieval of the NetSuite custom segments to avoid timeout errors while generating or refreshing the schemas.

  • JMS Connector: Fixed an issue with messages that are missing a JMS destination header.