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Winter 2021 Harmony release


Log in to the Harmony portal to access the latest version of Cloud Studio, API Manager, Marketplace, Management Console, and Citizen Integrator or download the latest version of Design Studio, private agents, or the private API gateway. For support, visit Getting support.

What's new in the Harmony winter '21 release

Discover what's new in Winter '21, consisting of Harmony releases 10.28 through 10.31.

Harmony 10.31

The 10.31 release date is by region:

  • APAC: Released 3 February 2021

  • EMEA: Released 4 February 2021

  • NA: Released February 8, 2021

API gateway

  • Updated the installer used to install proxy configurations.

API gateway and API Manager

  • Two-legged OAuth support was added for Azure AD and Okta.

Cloud Studio

  • Cloud Studio has improved error messaging to help users resolve issues.
  • Users can continue working in Cloud Studio during a deploy and there are more informative messages displayed about the deploy.
  • The IN operator is supported in the Snowflake Query activity.

Management Console

  • Wildcards can be used to search for projects on the Management Console Activities page.

SAP event listener

  • SAP Event Listener for Linux and an updated version of the SAP Event Listener for Windows are now available.

Harmony 10.30

The 10.30 release date is by region:

  • APAC: Released 20 January 2021

  • EMEA: Released 21 January 2021

  • NA: Released January 25, 2021

API gateway

  • Private API gateways now support the use of proxy servers.

Cloud Studio

  • Additional activities for the GitHub connector available.
  • Changes and enhancements made to Box connector activities.
  • Access to schemas and activities improved and made faster.
  • A Duplicate Node command is available in transformation for all schema types.

Harmony 10.29

The 10.29 release date is by region:

  • APAC: Released 06 January 2021

  • EMEA: Released 07 January 2021

  • NA: Released January 11, 2021

Cloud Studio

  • Jitterbit Marketplace provides integration recipes and process templates for Cloud Studio.
  • A List activity was added to the Amazon S3 connector.
  • Response structures are now generated correctly with Microsoft Dynamics AX.

Harmony 10.28

The 10.28 release date is by region:

  • APAC: Released 02 December 2020

  • EMEA: Released 03 December 2020

  • NA: Released December 07, 2020

Cloud Studio

  • A Gzip connector was added featuring Decompress and Compress activities.

  • Switching to a non-default organization no longer causes errors.

  • Coupa: Records are returned in the correct order in Coupa response schemas.

  • NetSuite, Salesforce, and ServiceMax now support additional operation patterns.

Agents, Cloud Studio, and Design Studio

  • Cloud Studio Salesforce and ServiceMax connectors and Design Studio Salesforce connector now support Salesforce API version 50.