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10.28 Harmony release notes

10.28 Harmony post-release

Released December 10, 2020

The Jira connector was updated after the 10.28 Harmony release.


Cloud Studio

  • Jira: Multiple projects and global variables allowed in Search activity and other improvements
    In step 3 of the Search activity, multiple projects can be included in a search and global variables are supported in the JQL statement.

10.28 Harmony release

Harmony portal, private agents, and Sandbox Cloud Agent Group released December 2, 3, and 7, 2020

The 10.28 release date is by region:

  • APAC: Released 02 December 2020

  • EMEA: Released 03 December 2020

  • NA: Released December 07, 2020

Included in this release are updates to these Harmony components:

The Sandbox Cloud Agent Group and cloud applications accessed through the Harmony portal were updated to 10.28 at the time of the release. Private agent installers are available in each region as of the conclusion of each region's release.

As of January 9, 2020, private agent versions 10.11 has reached end of life and is no longer supported. We recommend that all users of this (and earlier) versions upgrade to the latest versions as soon as practicable.

New features

Cloud Studio


Agents, Cloud Studio, and Design Studio

  • Salesforce API version 50 is now supported
    The Cloud Studio Salesforce and ServiceMax connectors and the Design Studio Salesforce connector now support Salesforce API version 50.

    • Cloud Studio uses the new API version automatically with the use of a 10.28 agent.

    • Design Studio provides the option to use the new API version with the use of both a 10.28 agent and 10.28 version of Design Studio. When opening an existing Design Studio project that uses this connector and meets both of these version requirements, you will be prompted to upgrade to Salesforce API version 50.

  • NetSuite, Salesforce, and ServiceMax: Support for additional operation patterns
    NetSuite, Salesforce, and ServiceMax activities can now be used as a source in the Archive pattern. NetSuite activities can now be used as the first target or second source in the Two-target archive pattern.



Cloud Studio

  • BMC Helix ITSM: Query response schema now includes attachment data
    If attachments are present, the attachment data is now shown in the Query response schema. Refresh the schema for existing activities that do not show the data.

  • Coupa: Response schema is now structured correctly
    The Coupa Query activity now structures the response schema so that records are returned in the correct order.

  • Snowflake: Calling a stored procedure without parameters allowed
    The Invoke stored procedure activity no longer requires parameters in its request schema.

  • Switching to a non-default organization no longer causes errors
    Previously, switching from your default organization to another organization caused errors when opening, creating, and exporting projects or refreshing the Cloud Studio project index.

  • Mirrored SOAP schemas returned in correct format
    Mirrored SOAP schemas are now returned in XML format instead of JSON format.