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10.46 Harmony release notes

10.46 Harmony release

The 10.46 Harmony release date is by region and component as listed below. This page includes release notes for all components being released as part of 10.46. See the related pages for Production Cloud Agent Group releases, Sandbox Cloud Agent Group releases, and Private agent releases for a compilation of updates limited to each of those components.


As of 7 December 2021, Private Agent version 10.28 has reached end of life and is no longer supported. We recommend that all users of these (and earlier) versions upgrade to the latest versions as soon as practicable.

Harmony portal and API gateway

The Harmony portal, its applications, and the Cloud API Gateway are automatically updated and the Private API gateway download is available from the Harmony Portal Downloads page as of these dates:

  • APAC: 14 December 2021 (AEDT), 13 December 2021 (PST)

  • EMEA: 14 December 2021

  • NA: 15 December 2021

Cloud agent groups and private agents

There are no updates to the Cloud agent groups or Private agents for 10.46.


Cloud Studio

  • Undo/redo in transformations
    You can now undo and redo actions taken within transformations by using standard keyboard shortcuts or controls along the top of a transformation.


API gateway

  • Intermittent log errors no longer occur
    Detailed error messages are now consistently returned in the API Gateway logs. Previously, the log retrieval error handleRunOperationError occurred intermittently.

Cloud Studio

  • Target schemas with empty XML elements are now valid
    When you use a target schema that has only nodes and no fields in a transformation, as is common with certain SOAP endpoints, the transformation is now considered valid even without having any target mappings and can now be deployed.

  • Send Email activity no longer overrides UI input
    The request transformation of an Email Send Email activity now overrides the activity configuration UI settings only if the transformation provides data for individual fields. Previously, data in the To, CC, BCC, From, Mail Subject Line, or Mail Body UI fields was being overridden with empty values if a request transformation was providing data for any other fields.

  • Zendesk Search activity now supports user names and tags
    You can now search for users by name or tag in a Zendesk Search activity.



  • NetSuite deprecation of HMAC-SHA1
    Changes are required to any projects using HMAC-SHA1 as the signature algorithm. For a timeline of key dates and instructions on how to change the signature algorithm, see NetSuite HMAC-SHA1 deprecation.


    As NetSuite will no longer support HMAC-SHA1, you must change any Harmony projects that are presently using HMAC-SHA1 as the signature algorithm to use HMAC-SHA256 instead as soon as possible to avoid issues with those integrations.