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10.83 / 11.21 Harmony release notes

10.83 / 11.21 Harmony release

This page includes release notes for all generally available components being released as part of 10.83 / 11.21. Compilations of release notes for Production Cloud Agent Groups, Sandbox Cloud Agent Groups, and private agents are also available.

The 10.83 / 11.21 release is staggered based on the dates and times as listed below by component and region. You can subscribe to maintenance notifications for cloud-based components at Jitterbit trust. Locally installed components are available from the downloads page (except for the Docker private agent, which is available at Docker Hub). The end-of-life date for these components is one year after the release date.

11.21 Sandbox Cloud Agent Group
Cloud platform and applications
11.21 Production Cloud Agent Group
11.21 and 10.83 Windows and Linux private agents
11.21 Docker private agent
APAC January 30, 2024 (2 - 6 AM AEDT) February 6, 2024 (4 - 10 PM AEDT) February 8, 2024 (10 PM AEDT)
EMEA January 30-31, 2024 (9 PM - 1 AM CET) February 7, 2024 (6 AM - 12 PM CET) February 8, 2024 (12 PM CET)
NA January 31, 2024 (12 - 4 PM PST) February 7-8, 2024 (9 PM - 3 AM PST) February 8, 2024 (3 AM PST)


As of January 25, 2024 private agent versions 10.65 and 11.3 have reached end of life and are no longer supported. We recommend that all users of either of these versions upgrade to the latest version as soon as practicable.

New features

Cloud Studio

  • Project trash
    The new Move to trash action replaces the Delete action in the project settings and on the Projects page. Project designs remain in the trash for up to 90 days before they are permanently deleted.

    To see project designs that can be restored, use the new Show trash toggle on the Projects page.

    To restore a project design, hover over a trashed project’s Actions column and click the Restore icon. Once the project design is restored, you must redeploy the project to restore it to the Harmony cloud.

  • Jitterbit MQ connector general availability
    The Jitterbit MQ connector is no longer a beta version. It can be used with a Jitterbit Message Queue to get or send messages individually or in bulk, acknowledge or negatively acknowledge messages, or get queue details for a specific message queue. This connector is supported on both cloud and private agents.

  • Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central v2 (beta) connector
    The Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central v2 (beta) connector can be used to query, create, update, or delete records in an entity at Dynamics 365 Business Central. This connector is supported on both cloud and private agents. For beta access, contact your Customer Success Manager (CSM).



  • Private agent file cleanup rules now allow specification of number of hours
    A private agent’s File cleanup service file (CleanupRules.xml) now accepts the specification of the NumOfHours after which affected files will be deleted. This can be used in conjunction with the existing NumDays parameter. For example, to configure files to be cleaned up after 1 day 2 hours, set <FileAge NumDays = "1" NumOfHours = "2" Comparator = "GE"/>.

  • Design Studio email messages support for overriding STARTTLS
    When configuring a Design Studio email message with OAuth authentication, you can now override the default STARTTLS parameter, enabling the agent to send plain text or SSL traffic based on the STARTTLS value.

Agent and Management Console

  • Agent auto-registration access tokens
    On the Access Tokens page, an additional Scope menu option for Agent Registration is now available. Use it to generate an access token for auto-registering private agents that can be used to replace Harmony credentials specified in the register.json file. This enables agent autoscaling to occur without interruption due to an expired Harmony password (as Harmony credentials are subject to password expiration policies defined in an organization’s policies).

API Manager

  • API import enhancements
    You can now perform the following actions within the API import wizard:

    • Edit information for each API to be imported, including name, public name, and version.

    • Assign user roles for each API to be imported.

    • Assign a security profile for each API to be imported.

  • Support for duplicate methods, paths, and parameters
    During configuration of a custom API, you can now add multiple API services that you define with their own method, path, and parameters (path, query, and header). This enables you to use a single API URL with multiple operations.

    As an API service name is now a required field, the service names of existing APIs are defaulted to the name of the API appended with the method and base path.

    The API services are grouped together in generated OpenAPI documentation in the Portal Manager and Portal pages.

Cloud Studio


  • Ability to view the contents of related documents
    On the Transactions page, each related document can now be clicked to open a new tab displaying the contents of the related document.

  • Autoselection of maps
    In the Manage workflows tab of the Admin page, when adding or editing a workflow, a map is now automatically selected based on the selections for Direction and Document type.

  • Jitterbit VAN service
    In the Communication settings > My connections tab of the Admin page, customers whose subscription includes Jitterbit’s VAN service can now select Jitterbit VAN Service as a connection type.

Management Console

  • Environments page UI redesign
    The Environments page has been redesigned with an updated UI. The updated UI simplifies the acts of assigning role access and associating agent groups, and allows you to reorder and filter on any table column.


Cloud Studio

  • Downstream operations removed from the canvas can now be re-added
    After removing an operation that is a downstream dependency of another operation in the same workflow, you can now drag the operation from the project pane’s Components tab back to the design canvas in the same workflow.

  • Linio connector test connection no longer fails
    Testing a Linio connection no longer fails with an error reporting Cannot read properties of undefined. This issue did not affect activity execution.

  • OData Query activity no longer errors with multiple filter conditions applied
    An OData Query activity configured with multiple filter conditions in the Basic tab of configuration step 3 no longer fails at runtime. Advanced queries and basic queries with only one filter condition were unaffected.



  • Jitterbit’s intention to stop distributing private agent 10.x
    Jitterbit intends to stop distributing a 10.x private agent version within the next several Harmony releases. Since Harmony release 10.63 / 11.1, both a 10.x and 11.x private agent version have been distributed with these differences:

    • 11.x versions: In 11.1 and later versions, the PostgreSQL database bundled with the private agent is now version 14.5-1.

    • 10.x versions: Current 10.x versions are packaged with the existing 9.6.24-1 PostgreSQL. The distributed 10.x versions will continue to be supported in accordance with Jitterbit’s end-of-life policy.


      Upgrading to an 11.x Windows private agent from 10.x requires a complete uninstall. Follow the documented instructions to complete the upgrade. Linux private agents can be upgraded as usual from any 10.x version.

NetSuite connector, Cloud Studio, and Design Studio

  • HMAC-SHA1 deprecation and removal from the Cloud Studio and Design Studio UI
    NetSuite is deprecating HMAC-SHA1 as a valid signature algorithm as previously announced (see NetSuite HMAC-SHA1 deprecation). To support these changes, Jitterbit intends to remove the HMAC-SHA1 signature algorithm from the Cloud Studio and Design Studio UI in an upcoming Harmony release.


    As the HMAC-SHA1 signature algorithm will no longer be supported by NetSuite or the Harmony NetSuite connectors, you should change any Harmony projects that are presently using HMAC-SHA1 as the signature algorithm to use HMAC-SHA256 as soon as possible to avoid issues with those integrations.