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Known Issues


This page provides links to known issues identified with Harmony Cloud Agent Groups, cloud applications, and locally installed applications. Any applications not linked here have no identified known issues.

For assistance with an unidentified issue, contact Jitterbit Support.

Cloud Agent Groups

As updates to Jitterbit Cloud Agent Groups are applied automatically, Cloud Agents run the current released version for either the Production Cloud Agent Group or the Sandbox Cloud Agent Group. The current Cloud Agent Group versions are reported in Cloud Agent Group Releases on the Harmony Release Notes page.

For known issues with the current version of Jitterbit Cloud Agent Groups, see this page:

Harmony Portal and Cloud Applications

Cloud applications accessed through the Harmony Portal are updated automatically and always run the latest released version.

For current known issues, see these pages:

Cloud applications not linked above have no identified known issues.

Locally Installed Applications

Locally installed applications are upgraded by downloading and running an installer. Therefore, known issues may exist with previous versions that have been resolved in later versions of the application.

Previous and current known issues are identified on these pages:

Known issues with Vinyl are covered within the release notes for each Vinyl version.

Locally installed applications not linked above have no identified known issues.