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Vinyl 3.2 release notes

Important upgrade release notes

Many bugfixes, improvements and new features have been added to both Vinyl 3.1 and 3.2. Features added to both builds are not listed here. If you are running an earlier build of 3.1, consider reading the 3.1 release notes as well.

A new Vinyl system menu has been added to applications. For applications that have re-styled the entire page, or that have anonymous access the system menu can be removed by going to IDE => Additional Settings => Site Menu and going to the "Toggle System Menu" tab. This can be modified on production systems without needing to unseal applications.

The default connection string to MySQL databases used to include "SslMode=none". If your MySQL server has explicitly disabled SslMode, you will need to add SslMode=none to the advanced connection property.

Report Open as Attachment feature now will use the Link To Page bindings (before it would only use the record PK). This could change legacy apps behaviors if the user tried to customized the bindings and didn't restored it, or changed the source table after the field was already created.

Server-side conditional formatting mandatory checks are performed on save in excel mode. This was only done client-side before Vinyl 3.2, and it was possible for the client to not enforce the mandatory-ness of a field in excel mode. This could affect applications that leveraged this before.

IE 11 - Vinyl 3.2 will be the last release of Vinyl that will provide some support for IE 11. Building applications within the IDE is not supported in IE 11. End user applications will work, but could be degraded in IE 11. Vinyl 3.3 will remove support for IE 11.

The API Key and HTTP Basic Authentication security providers both utilize generated keys. Vinyl now generates a key identifier for each key. The API Key security provider encodes both the key identifier and key into a single, opaque API key. The HTTP Basic Authentication security provider, however, expects the key identifier and key to be passed separately. Specifically, the key identifier is passed as the user name; the key, as the password. Existing keys issued prior to 3.2 will continue to work as-is. This change only applies to keys generated from 3.2 and on.

Data source server passwords will be stored encrypted going forward. Existing values will encrypted the first time Vinyl starts after upgrading to 3.2.

Many security provider properties have been migrated to endpoints, credentials, certificates or otherwise. Secrets, such as passwords and private keys, will be encrypted the first time Vinyl starts after upgrading to 3.2. Administrators should verify that all security provider properties have been migrated correctly.

Security providers have been reorganized. Previously, the OAuth security provider handled the Authorization Code grant; data source authentication providers (HTTP, RDBMS, OData) handled all other grants. As a consequence, it was often necessary to create two security providers: the data source authentication provider delegated to the OAuth security provider. That is no longer necessary. The OAuth security provider now handles all OAuth grants. It is now possible (recommended) to associate a data source server directly with an OAuth security provider. Where possible, data source authentication providers will be migrated to an OAuth security provider. Data source authentication providers that delegate to OAuth providers will not be migrated. They will continue to work after upgrading to 3.2. However, this configuration is now deprecated.

Previously, the Ws-Federation security provider automatically mapped the Email Address claim to the Name claim if a Name claim was not present. This behavior was not configurable. It has been removed. All claim mapping is now controlled by the security provider's claims configuration. After upgrading to 3.2, administrators may have to update any Ws-Federation security providers, adding a claim mapping for the Email Address claim.

Client pivot is now obsolete. Existing client pivots will continue to run, but it is not possible to create new client-pivot elements.



Version 3.2.34911 released on 6/4/2024 4:00:54 PM (build 5187d352)


  • In Safari, entering a non-numeric character such as a dollar sign ($) in a Numeric control no longer prevents Vinyl from saving the row.


Version 3.2.34791 released on 5/14/2024 4:57:07 PM (build 83d26f9b)



  • The PostgreSQL (Npgsql) driver was updated to address a security vulnerability.

  • When a translatable column includes an entry greater than 255 characters and that entry is unable to be translated, other translatable columns in the same row being saved are now translated as expected.

  • Superfluous localization warnings in the logfile are now suppressed.


Version 3.2.34333 released on 2/23/2024 4:44:19 PM (build 91af36d5)



Version 3.2.34254 released on 2/9/2024 6:59:02 PM (build 6d5b77f0)

Bug Fixes:

  • JIT-96755 - The sort order for a Lane panel now works as expected when Wrap is disabled.
  • JIT-96949 - The Se_User LastLogin timezone now adheres to the configured timezone.
  • JIT-97800 - An error loading controls no longer occurs when the browser language is set to Turkish.


Version 3.2.34106 released on 1/24/2024 8:38:46 AM (build 4dd7eab9)

  • JIT-96755 - Correct issue with lane refreshes
  • JIT-96640 - Fix tests
  • JIT-96495 - Fix builds
  • JIT-97027 - Fix builds
  • JIT-96943 - Update System.Data.SqlClient
  • JIT-96783 - Update third party build license information
  • JIT-96753 - Fix builds
  • JIT-96748 - Fix tests
  • JIT-96128 - Fix tests
  • JIT-96688 - Fix builds
  • JIT-96641 - Remove NodaTime conflict
  • JIT-96585 - Update log4net in third party builds
  • JIT-96562 - Update Microsoft Identity packages
  • JIT-96535 - Fix tests


Version 3.2.33864 released on 12/20/2023 7:06:06 PM (build 33c69733)

  • VINYL-14294 - Fix rendering date and time only datatypes on dynamic results pages
  • JIT-95963 - Add support for generated id values for Google Sheets


Version 3.2.33645 released on 11/23/2023 10:03:54 PM (build 51bf2dea)

  • JIT-90724 - Corrects issue when selecting text and numeric fields on iOS .


Version 3.2.33563 released on 11/9/2023 12:42:55 AM (build f305357e)

  • JIT-90724 - Correct issue with schemas when exporting on MySQL
  • JIT-93525 - Update time zone database from 2018 to 2023 (fixing issue with time zones in Brazil in particular)


Version 3.2.33404 released on 10/16/2023 7:41:21 PM (build bf9380e7)

  • VINYL-14116 - Upgrade underscore library


Version 3.2.33167 released on 9/8/2023 7:08:17 PM (build e4a28afa)

  • VINYL-15186 - Upgrade library for Kestrel security fix
  • VINYL-15117 - Remove secure header setting from beanstalk builds
  • VINYL-15061 - Correct issue setting conditional format for pivot rules
  • VINYL-15066 - Improvement to third-party plugin


Version 3.2.33019 released on 8/17/2023 8:48:10 PM (build a3f2ce56)

  • VINYL-14798 - Fix webhook not returning correct http status on validation trigger.


Version 3.2.32840 released on 7/28/2023 1:26:07 PM (build 2886ccaa)

  • VINYL-15007 - Fix issue parsing json in changeset
  • VINYL-15006 - Upgrade Snowflake driver to reduce metadata requests


Version 3.2.32804 released on 7/25/2023 6:29:43 PM (build f4a6b5c4)

  • VINYL-14988 - Constructor Error is seen when attempting to insert/view a PostgreSQL table with a JSON Binary column datatype
  • VINYL-14720 - Fix issue in 3rd-party plugin
  • VINYL-14915 - Update chart y-axis on refresh
  • VINYL-14870 - Beanstalk secure header settings
  • VINYL-14621 - Update Oracle Data Provider for .NET
  • VINYL-14855 - Update license text included with Vinyl
  • VINYL-14823 - Update build for testing


Version 3.2.32667 released on 7/6/2023 2:53:46 AM (build 42b9426d)

  • VINYL-14720 - Third party plugin updates
  • VINYL-14888 - Guard against response splitting
  • VINYL-14916 - Fix deleting schema tables after import
  • VINYL-14917 - Fix data source import for tenants
  • VINYL-14910 - Do not update physical name if logical hasn't changed and don't prepend schema on import
  • VINYL-14887 - Validate culture identifier
  • VINYL-14302 - Use different mechanism to test exchange connection


Version 3.2.32558 released on 6/20/2023 2:27:58 PM (build 61503ab0)

  • VINYL-14882 - Update Quickbooks driver
  • VINYL-14817 - Prevent import from deleting extended columns
  • VINYL-14814 - Prevent Vinyl from caching DbConnectionInfo objects
  • VINYL-14788 - Take advanced settings into consideration when caching data source information
  • VINYL-14780 - A&M plugin updates


Version 3.2.32490 released on 6/8/2023 8:30:08 PM (build bab27fcf)

  • VINYL-14814 - Correct issues with refreshing OAuth credentials for Salesforce ADO.NET and other CData OAuth connections
  • VINYL-14842 - REST $filter support for in operator.


Version 3.2.32441 released on 6/2/2023 8:06:10 PM (build a997c56a)

  • VINYL-14834 - correct possible race condition with parsed expressions and column references
  • VINYL-14788 - make security provider optional for Google data source server types


Version 3.2.31856

  • VINYL-14555 - add DeleteUser event to user public data object
  • VINYL-14521 - delete files recursively during beanstalk deployment
  • VINYL-14451 - fix security link on REST page
  • VINYL-14490 - allow settings scale for view float columns


Version 3.2.31809 released on 3/14/2023 12:35:44 AM (build 21a82d20)

  • VINYL-14529 - Correct Vinyl database export files
  • VINYL-14527 - Correct issue with generate key plugin


Version 3.2.31739 released on 3/2/2023 12:51:13 AM (build b278a5c2)

  • VINYL-14480 - Add filter limit when loading missing cells
  • VINYL-14470 - Upgrade Kestrel and Cookie nuget packages
  • VINYL-12188 - Add support for configuring Kestrel limits
  • VINYL-14201 - Activate views for Snowflake driver


Version 3.2.31652 released on 2/21/2023 8:39:57 PM (build 90500cfe)

  • VINYL-14406 - Fix issue with multiple devices having the same id
  • VINYL-14333 - Fix issues with copying files within the same S3 data source


Version 3.2.31560 released on 2/10/2023 10:00:08 PM (build 980bec58)

  • VINYL-12301 - Performance improvement for S3 CRUD operations
  • VINYL-14333 - Fix issues renaming files in S3
  • VINYL-14376 - Upgrade QuickBase driver
  • VINYL-14344 - Prevent ping endpoint from flapping when Vinyl cannot reach database
  • VINYL-14355 - Prevent infinite loops on templates
  • VINYL-14327 - Prevent panels from shifting when clicking in panels
  • VINYL-14330 - Include CR SP32 in beanstalk references
  • VINYL-14021 - Date fix for Snowflake
  • VINYL-12791 - Correct handling of multiple cookies in single set-cookie line for REST endpoints


Version 3.2.31151 released on 12/22/2022 3:15:01 PM (build 002ff986)

  • VINYL-14086 - Enable CData Microsoft Exchange connector
  • VINYL-14102 - Enable Apache Impala connector
  • VINYL-14151 - Fix issue with global refresh causing page to become unresponsive with inside labels
  • VINYL-14144 - Correct issue verifying Duo SAML requests that include additional claims
  • VINYL-13600 - Add support for Crystal Report SP32
  • VINYL-13800 - Update Caller function to match behavior in Vinyl 3.1


Version 3.2.30885 released on 11/23/2022 3:37:36 PM (build 5c233762)

  • VINYL-13998 - Allow refresh row plugin to work on insert event


Version 3.2.30821 released on 11/16/2022 10:10:25 PM (build 2e127022)

  • VINYL-13960 - Adds missing validations strings in Vinyl bundle
  • VINYL-13961 - Updates snowflake driver
  • VINYL-13768 - Use table install option when creating a release
  • VINYL-13859 - Use unicode string for Japanese unit test
  • VINYL-13973 - Update SqlClient package
  • VINYL-13979 - Add support for Stack Area chart type
  • VINYL-13983 - Adjust http error codes for invalid http requests to Vinyl
  • VINYL-13957 - Limit OAuth user authentication
  • VINYL-13909 - Add clear endpoint cache plugin to list of public plugins
  • VINYL-13955 - Add support for OAuth JWT claim set for Google Sheet JWT authentication


Version 3.2.30244 released on 10/4/2022 9:32:41 PM (build cc3163dc)

  • VINYL-13869 - Do not reset Vinyl app priority in site menu configuration
  • VINYL-13862 - Handling for ~ when building packages
  • VINYL-13849 - Caching performance improvement
  • VINYL-13851 - Data fill action types for SFTP data source
  • VINYL-13679 - Correct html control throwing "isUsingTemplate is not defined"


Version 3.2.30129 released on 2022-09-22 (build fa707841)

  • VINYL-12899: REST paging improvement. Previous fix was more agresssive clearing cache. This new fix only clears cache when paging in XP CRUD REST sources


Version 3.2.29991 released on 9/9/2022 12:10:29 PM (build 2ee64b86)

  • VINYL-13688 - Current password is now required when changing password
  • VINYL-13801 - For for SQL missing table exception when writing back to webhook object
  • VINYL-12899 - Fix for XP CRUD REST pagination
  • VINYL-13775 - Iron Mountain script updates
  • VINYL-13749 - Validation plugin to verify that uploaded contents are png or jpg
  • VINYL-13724 - Migrate Vinyl scripts to plugins
  • VINYL-13730 - Upgrade System.Security.Cryptography.Xml package
  • VINYL-13716 - Use Node as label if NodeLabel not specified
  • VINYL-13689 - Check that uesr has access to page before returning page layout information
  • VINYL-13449 - Do not copy data encryption keys when copying a data source
  • VINYL-13700 - Enable edit for active checkbox on panels MRP
  • VINYL-13673 - Fix where used binding for events
  • VINYL-13389 - Improve column suggestions when creating new columns
  • VINYL-13690 - Allow scripting to be disabled


Version 3.2.29593 released on 8/3/2022 5:32:42 PM (build 331242d5)

  • VINYL-13666 - Fix error creating changesets for import / create with excel
  • VINYL-13608 - add developer permission for template binding and conditional themes, where clauses
  • VINYL-13629 - fix template and widget parameter binding during 3.2 upgrade
  • VINYL-13638 - set parent control id to required
  • VINYL-13625 - corrects validation when deleting a panel from a page
  • VINYL-13623 - fix file export tests


Version 3.2.29514 released on 7/19/2022 9:06:46 PM (build ba2a9524)

  • VINYL-13614 - Check for null active directory user properties
  • VINYL-13612 - Do not remove events from schedule when execution type is "Launch Now or via schedule"
  • VINYL-13608 - Allow silo developers to create and edit where clause


Version 3.2.29413 released on 7/11/2022 5:54:27 PM (build 923c814c)

  • VINYL-13139 - Fix charts with more than 2 value axis
  • VINYL-13567 - Correct security provider becoming unregistered


Version 3.2.29401 released on 7/7/2022 6:56:36 PM (build 98c46381)

  • VINYL-13548 - Remove JSON usage type from Gantt business objects
  • VINYL-12812 - Copy children when copying a control set or zone
  • VINYL-12392 - Correct caching issue with conditional format when changing the alias of a column
  • VINYL-13576 - Improve sorting of relative size lists
  • VINYL-13139 - Improve rendering of charts with dual axis when Highcharts can't align 0 tick
  • VINYL-13586 - Allow export action to export to S3 and Azure file data sources


Version 3.2.29256 released on 6/23/2022 2:37:45 PM (build fc8dc6c3)

  • VINYL-13551 - Upgrade Newtonsoft to 13.0.1
  • VIYNL-13538 - Fix connection string for Redshift
  • VINYL-12348 - Fix index/FK name issue when renaming columns
  • VINYL-13452 - Singularize auto-generated title column
  • VINYL-11195 - Add index column to Be_AppDataSource
  • VINYL-13468 - Add where used for actions that run events on other rules
  • VINYL-13473 - Correct AdvancedSettings / Advanced for visibility rule targets


Version 3.2.29176 released on 6/9/2022 7:09:11 PM (build 238fb178)


  • VINYL-12088 - Allow changing auto-generated flag on columns that won't change schema, allow schema changes to non-int PKs
  • VINYL-13481 - Fix hidden more button on panel edge case
  • VINYL-13471 - Correct export logic for legacy fields
  • VINYL-13479 - Add missing join types for Denodo
  • VINYL-12075 - Update help text
  • VINYL-13420 - Order data sources by starred first on select panel source page


Version 3.2.29145 released on 6/7/2022 6:04:00 PM (build 1ba4605d)


  • VINYL-13238 - Remove hardcoded button width for new app template home page
  • VINYL-13474 - Delete records from Db_DataSourceReference before Db_Datasource
  • VINYL-13241 - Business object translations checkbox refinements.
  • VINYL-13083 - Added silo dev reach to workbench count DOs.
  • VINYL-13242 - Fixed lists used in jobs page.
  • VINYL-13450 - Fix exception occurring on creating an exception during LP install.
  • VINYL-13086 - Fix silo dev having full access to Ui_Control
  • VINYL-13100 - Copy App now sends vinyl alerts for success/failure.
  • VINYL-13065 - Update error message when visibility explicit binding is not set
  • VINYL-13462 - Throw a more useful exception if bg service is not running.
  • VINYL-13461 - Change app wizard to let you connect to existing sources
  • VINYL-13432 - Avoid timeouts on rules in postgres (IDE)
  • VINYL-13451 - Use shared criteria for a wizard, Binding doesn't work
  • VINYL-13421 - Add foreign keys to Db_DataSourceReference.
  • VINYL-13471 - Track legacy JSON fields
  • VINYL-11803 - Delete Parameter table in Vinyl
  • VINYL-13321 - Add support for turning off label on accordions.
  • VINYL-12075 - Add help text to Notification pages
  • VINYL-13458 - Order panel sizes by size
  • VINYL-13464 - Clean up public list of plugins
  • VINYL-13452 - Singularize auto generated primary keys
  • VINYL-13465 - Log to console
  • VINYL-10026 - Make sure filter overlay is above the required indicator
  • VINYL-13413 - Switch third-party libs to netstandard 2.0
  • VINYL-13463 - Fix security vulnerability in SSH.NET library.
  • VINYL-13454 - Fix build warnings from numeral library.
  • VINYL-13387 - Fix database connection scripts on Linux
  • VINYL-13460 - Add more robust attempt to delete a folder in unit test
  • VINYL-13423 - Convert textarea to text if backed by Ace
  • VINYL-13131 - Disable claims controls based on security provider type.
  • VINYL-13433 - FIPS-compliance document
  • VINYL-9230 - Correct issue with export action file name list showing empty results
  • VINYL-13419 - Add success and failure handlers to actions MRP
  • VINYL-13446 - User URL for file system list when path is null
  • VINYL-13179 - Schema changes to data encryption keys table
  • VINYL-13448 - Standardize changeset serialization
  • VINYL-13405 - Adjust IDE to run better on 1920x1080x125% screens
  • VINYL-13437 - Postgres null cast to target column type


Version 3.2.29084 released on 6/2/2022 12:59:33 AM (build 302deeda)


  • VINYL-13456 - Fix issue exporting rules with aliases
  • VINYL-13427 - Correct issue navigating to page design of crystal report pages
  • VINYL-13429 - Correct issue registering export actions
  • VINYL-13414 - Correct issue build REST super objects
  • VINYL-13411 - Update certificate
  • VINYL-12598 - Fix disabled text/text area controls not looking disabled
  • VINYL-13397 - Include documentation / technical help with widget metadata
  • VINYL-13412 - Add support for silo dev viewing/editing endpoints
  • VINYL-13407 - Count only many to one constraints for 64 constraint limit
  • VINYL-13270 - Do not include shared criteria in row backing filters
  • VINYL-10945 - Link to add event from control detail page
  • VINYL-13324 - Allow for OAuth/ClientCredentials flow with DynamicsCRM
  • VINYL-13402 - Improve error message on update update failures
  • VINYL-13404 - Fix MySQL upgrades in strict mode
  • VINYL-13431 - Build with VS 2022
  • VINYL-13425 - Fix check on storage table when null
  • VINYL-13438 - Correct "Reset Config" button adding views to Re_Table
  • VINYL-13099 - Disable page link when disabling event
  • VINYL-13422 - Fix missing delete of panels
  • VINYL-12363 - Export functions during database export
  • VINYL-13355 - Add Vinyl alert notification for failures to add index or foreign key
  • VINYL-13399 - Remove orphan rules
  • VINYL-13312 - Fix for mandatory check for encrypted fields when updating records
  • VINYL-11758 - Rename mandatory to required
  • VINYL-13362 - Add validation when deleting menu
  • VINYL-13394 - Add extra extra tiny panel size
  • VINYL-13416 - Fix build issue
  • VINYL-13418 - Fix inconsistent changeset
  • VINYL-13410 - Adjust check for data source event to insert
  • VINYL-13371 - Add back the ability to add dynamic controls to boards and lanes
  • VINYL-13391 - Use cell formatted value for html control
  • VINYL-13303 - Fix build server issue with upgrades
  • VINYL-12711 - Set columns as insertable/updatable for REST request body
  • VINYL-13250 - Edge case page missing controlId binding
  • VINYL-13122 - Remove where used template link for sealed apps
  • VINYL-13303 - Logging improvement for FedRAMP
  • VINYL-13383 - Support utf8mb3 character set
  • VINYL-13165 - Move security development documentation
  • VINYL-6043 - Truncate table fix for tables in different schemas than dbo
  • VINYL-12184 - Implement widget cache eviction policy
  • VINYL-13386 - Fix test failure on DB2 LUW
  • VINYL-13084 - Add Vinyl data source to dev silo reach
  • VINYL-13357 - Save binding criteria to page view log
  • VINYL-13348 - Smarter table from / join indexing when adding > 25 tables to rule
  • VINYL-13380 - Remove inactive controls from IDE
  • VINYL-13382 - Editing new "view all" MRP fails
  • VINYL-13351 - Test CData connection
  • VINYL-13341 - Update security provider technical help
  • VINYL-12842 - Use only JSON on exported database files
  • VINYL-12843 - Split DbSelect column and table alias field
  • VINYL-13347 - Copying rule should use registration data source
  • VINYL-13359 - XP CRUD rule should link from recent list using
  • VINYL-13280 - Add support for CData Magento
  • VINYL-13345 - Panel bound MRP loads most of way, but missing simple search and filter for a moment
  • VINYL-13313 - Denodo database type added
  • VINYL-13281 - Load certificates from Windows certificate store for FedRAMP
  • VINYL-13208 - Fix NetSuite database type name
  • VINYL-13273 - Fix links to page edit not including workbench frame
  • VINYL-13330 - Frame panel edge case has several properties that do not apply
  • VINYL-13344 - Support table enhance options on managed tables
  • VINYL-13353 - Correct broken tests for TargetTableCandidateTest
  • VINYL-13328 - Add endpoint creation to connection wizard
  • VINYL-13296 - Correct business object targeting another business object
  • VINYL-13337 - Upgrading Vinyl can cause some rules to be marked as lists that are invalid
  • VINYL-13338 - Deprecate timer plugin vs sleep plugin
  • VINYL-13320 - MRP control set should not show layout type
  • VINYL-13322 - Accordion does not allow multiple accordions to be open
  • VINYL-13333 - Remove extra hop when navigating from recent objects
  • VINYL-13232 - Show controls link if the panel is inactive on the right side
  • VINYL-13327 - Fix spot where Be_Config record can be deleted
  • VINYL-13105 - Hide copy events / copy roles if not supported by rule type
  • VINYL-13334, VINYL-13325 - Fix Oracle unit test
  • VINYL-13263 - Ignore and recompute control bowers during export and import
  • VINYL-13314 - Outdated XML files not being deleted during export
  • VINYL-13203 - Indent fields page to better show hierarchy of groups
  • VINYL-13323 - Remove slow rule from within Vinyl
  • VINLY-12703 - New wizard when adding new data sources to applications


Version 3.2.28711 released on 4/12/2022 6:58:21 PM (build ecb2b14a)


  • VINYL-13311 - Fix JWT SOO audience validation
  • VINYL-13299 - Do not auto-hide labels in a control set if the panel is a MRP
  • VINYL-13298 - Allow tab and accordion to be children of board and lane panels
  • VINYL-11159 - Add required asterisk that can be enabled in themes
  • VINYL-13291 - Update moment.js to latest version
  • VINYL-13288 - Set public data objects primary keys
  • VINYL-13264 - Improve expression display data type resolution
  • VINYL-13166 - Allow right click on linked buttons that don't have events
  • VINYL-13261 - Remove PCLCrypto library
  • VINYL-13282 - Show actual target table instead of physical target table
  • VINYL-13108 - Move web security projects
  • VINYL-13266 - Add ABS() mvSQL function
  • VINYL-13289 - Replace Mailkit with Mailkitlite


Version 3.2.28605 released on 4/1/2022 2:01:55 PM (build bad502f5)

Known Issues:

  • Developer Silo Issues being corrected


  • VINYL-13285 - Encrypted string should return a string
  • VINYL-13287 - JWT SSO - Use public keys to validate signatures
  • VINYL-13284 - Creating a JWT security provider with an invalid certificate prevents Vinyl from restarting
  • VINYL-12885 - Hide default data source server name on dashboard
  • VINYL-13235 - Fix insert for extended table business object
  • VINYL-10986 - Control allows setting link when after event is stay
  • VINYL-13271 - Fix issue with VBT changeset on SQL Server
  • VINYL-13260 - Remove PCLCrypto library
  • VINYL-8272 - Use typed columns on constraints
  • VINYL-13262 - Migration to generate html template bindings that matched the old implicit behavior
  • VINYL-13229 - Correct defaulting for server pivot column and row
  • VINYL-13259 - Change local password hashing from SHA-1 to SHA-256
  • VINYL-13225 - Db_Constraint column migration rule
  • VINYL-13217 - Show audit link on user/group panel
  • VINYL-13136 - Add silo develop reach to tables listed in "recents"
  • VINYL-12203 - Prevent sending TableDataChanged messages to self
  • VINYL-13245 - Disable menu links on roles diagram
  • VINYL-13201 - Upgrade ESLint
  • VINYL-13252 - Fix VBT upgrade issue
  • VINYL-13004 - Provide help text on the icons used in a rule builder canvas
  • VINYL-13243 - Store mappings between DatabaseType and Security Providers
  • VINYL-13218 - Upgrade node for building Vinyl
  • VINYL-13177 - Max concurrent sessions
  • VINYL-11417 - Make tracing checkbox like checkbox control


Version 3.2.28513 released on 3/21/2022 6:55:48 PM (build a7159433)

Known Issues:

  • Developer Silo Issues being corrected
  • MySQL upgrade issue


  • VINYL-13249 - Image Viewer widget sometimes does not display an image
  • VINYL-13213 - JWT SSO authentication capability
  • VINYL-13205 - Full report pages are rendering only on part of the page
  • VINYL-13180 - Link inside a listbox in the IDE should be a chevron next to the list box
  • VINYL-13072 - Template Parameter improvements


Version 3.2.28513 released on 3/21/2022 6:55:48 PM (build a7159433)

Known Issues:

  • Developer Silo Issues being corrected
  • MySQL upgrade issue


  • VINYL-13249 - Image Viewer widget sometimes does not display an image
  • VINYL-13213 - JWT SSO authentication capability
  • VINYL-13205 - Full report pages are rendering only on part of the page
  • VINYL-13180 - Link inside a listbox in the IDE should be a chevron next to the list box
  • VINYL-13072 - Template Parameter improvements


Version 3.2.28466 released on 3/16/2022 12:35:05 PM (build 111e54fb)

Known Issues:

  • Developer Silo Issues being corrected
  • MySQL upgrade issue


  • VINYL-13236 - Filter on Date is broken at the moment
  • VINYL-13211 - Role diagram on Dashboard page should allow clicking on items to modify roles
  • VINYL-13190 - Role diagram shows pages as being available when no permissions are set
  • VINYL-13151 - Add breaking chart from demodev to Northwinds.
  • VINYL-13087 - Silo dev can't access "Available Functions" page.
  • VINYL-13082 - Silo dev is able to create a schedule without an application.
  • VINYL-12935 - Log timeout results in repeating attempts
  • VINYL-12758 - Limit on unique translatable phrases is 10k for an import/process. Move configuration to database.
  • VINYL-12471 - Schedules page application is Any when it should be Vinyl


Version 3.2.28441 released on 3/14/2022 6:11:40 PM (build ea445019)

Known Issues:

  • Developer Silo Issues being corrected
  • MySQL upgrade issue


  • VINYL-13195 - Add CSS to make inside labels not wrap
  • VINYL-13220 - Fix issue for Vinyl reporting error with missing mandatory values if mandatory value in hidden control set
  • VINYL-13071 - Do not allow control sets to be bound as widget parameter
  • VINYL-13091 - Restore Support Join Check on Source Table Candidate List
  • VINYL-13027 - Upgrade MySQL Connector


Version 3.2.28404 released on 2022-03-09 (build e51ac723) *BETA*

Known Issues:

  • Developer Silo Issues are being corrected


  • VINYL-13199 - Correct issue removing widget bindings when deleting an application
  • VINYL-13198 - Correct upgrade issue with MySQL
  • VINYL-13067 - Update help for rule being validated before publishing to UI
  • VINYL-13192 - Correct issue with storage data types in ABAP causing import issues
  • VINYL-13156 - Allow security claims to be prioritized
  • VINYL-13048 - Clean up acceptance tests
  • VINYL-13069 - Adds FK between widget parameter binding, column and control tables
  • VINYL-13145 - Correct phantom menu when returning to site menu
  • VINYL-13169 - Don't support disabling system menus for system applications that are sealed
  • VINYL-13085 - Remove ability for silo developer to edit collections
  • VINYL-13155 - Include focus in the style for menu items
  • VINYL-13159 - Include appId when linking to the look and feel page
  • VINYL-13186 - Fix issue with runtime translations not occurring
  • VINYL-13181 - Fix key constraint select link (adding unique key etc from table definition page)
  • VINYL-13130 - Fix rendering of managed _Binding comparison
  • VINYL-13139 - Fix issues with graph rendering
  • VINYL-13187 - Fix spacing issue in Field SRP
  • VINYL-13162 - Add a clear button when adding multiple controls. Fix stacked labels in the IDE
  • VINYL-13164 - Fix base path handling for OIDC authentication
  • VINYL-13075 - Support for AWS Parameter Store data encryption key storage
  • VINYL-2603 - Remove ConstraintTypeCategoryId column


Version 3.2.28325 released on 3/3/2022 2:20:20 AM (build 3af0083a) * BETA RELEASE*

Known Issues:

  • Developer Silo Issues are being corrected
  • Chart with two axis can sometimes render incorrectly

Feature Overview

IDE Improvements

  • IDE revamp. Workbench has been redone. Most Vinyl IDE pages have been updated to be simplified. Advanced settings have been moved to edge case pages which are typically accessed via panel-level action drawers:


  • Auto-build everything

  • Role page permission network graph.
  • Vinyl Help takes Vinyl Administrators and Vinyl Developers to an online portal that is a place for additional content, training and information:



Rule Builder Improvements

  • Allows resizing the expression if in multi-line mode
  • Standardize UI

    • Improvements to ACE editor to allow always edit or auto edit mode as needed
    • Ace to use "tab" to move between fields
    • Ace to render more like other controls
    • Improvements on the autocomplete behavior
    • And others
  • Clean up fields, either moving some to edge case or removing them if they didn't really apply (eg. target column for lists)

  • Validate button if the rule is unchecked
  • More validation checks ensuring the rule has all the usage types, targets, and binds to work
  • Improvements on defaulting

    • Usage Type based on rule and expression type,
    • Logical type for complex expressions,
    • Aliases (now also on edit, and with more friendly name)
    • Target column by name for Default rules
    • And others
  • Expression (and alias if its a complex expression) is now shown to be required instead of being just a validation

  • Hide right where clause expression if using "is null" or "is not null" operators
  • Widen UI for where clauses, so it's easier to read
  • Hide join columns if its a Union
  • Better right join support
  • On deleting a source table, remove any column referencing it (with a warning)
  • Checking/Unchecking multiple columns on the canvas at once to work more consistently
  • Auto joining will trigger for sub-queries (when possible)
  • The first source table that matches the target table will be used to represent it, showing which columns have been targeted, and on a single click will either open the existing expression or create a new one
  • Minor bugs

Security Improvements

  • Password policies for local user authentication.
  • Configurable session storage and management.
  • Encrypts data source and security provider secrets.
  • Encrypts HTTP Basic Auth passwords and API keys.

Language Translation

  • Everything translated as it is created and modified

Package Management

  • LP now build and install in the background - use notifications to update administrators
  • Pre-checks before installing LPs


  • Parameter bindings have been reworked, it is now possible to bind to a column from the parent panel's source directly.
  • "getCellByColumnName" method is now deprecated, it will still work but with a warning. The name was misleading, and a new method called "getFieldByControlName" was introduced in its place.
  • New widget render setting: "Target Container", if checked it will keep the legacy behavior of targeting the parent HTML element, and if unchecked Vinyl will render the widget as if its a proper control.
  • Its now possible to include metadata about the widget parameters and its purpose so that uploading a new widget will auto populate them.
  • Poorly defined Site Widget will now throw a UI error "Site widget does not return a binder with a callbacks.install function.", those widgets were NOT running prior to the upgrade, no change in behavior, so the widget should be either removed or fixed.
  • Fixed issue where, under some circumstances, it would call widget's install method before uninstalling a previous instance on the same field.


  • Temporary columns
  • Split html control into html template and html control to make things more clear
  • Highcharts library upgrade
  • JQuery library upgrade

Detailed Changes

New Features

  • VINYL-5156 - In-memory session state store
  • VINYL-9896 - Create public data object for retrieving bundle translations.
  • VINYL-11134 - Build page button from table or rule builder.
  • VINYL-11170 - Choose Chart type at Rule level (pie, bar, etc)
  • VINYL-11171 - For new charts only choose chart rules.
  • VINYL-11429 - Use single site-wide bundle
  • VINYL-11522 - Add a flag to enable/disable real-time app translations.
  • VINYL-11551 - Add new system menu to the top bar
  • VINYL-12034 - Have quick grid run the normal filter endpoint
  • VINYL-12300 - Db2i Cross Database Joins
  • VINYL-12379 - Upgrade to Highcharts 9.2.2
  • VINYL-12805 - Rule Builder - Defaults columns Calendar & Map behave like Charts
  • VINYL-12844 - Add Roles to dashboard
  • VINYL-12864 - Allow copying data source server / data source
  • VINYL-12233 - Support logging EventHistory and Job to Azure Application Insights
  • VINYL-12335 - Foreign key and Indexes create button to background
  • VINYL-12642 - Switching from control set to zone should retain border visibility subtype
  • VINYL-12853 - Memory Function
  • VINYL-12865 - Ask user which location to put page on create
  • VINYL-12914 - Add button to Roles page to create an Admin role
  • VINYL-12971 - Delete last column should also delete primary key before deleting table


  • VINYL-5795 - Move startup process to background thread
  • VINYL-7211 - Toolbar changes height as content loads
  • VINYL-7579 - Security provider password is displayed in plain text
  • VINYL-8330 - Where used for plugins
  • VINYL-9244 - Consolidate logging in NLogLogger to use TextFormatter
  • VINYL-9355 - mvSQL runtime functions cannot resolve dependencies
  • VINYL-9591 - Make Preview component render differently for each panel type
  • VINYL-9968 - Strongly type table (and column) names and identifiers
  • VINYL-10101 - Add log interface to script SDK
  • VINYL-10533 - Create WhereUsed for pages
  • VINYL-10653 - Possible duplicate List Source on Control and Control Edge Case pages
  • VINYL-10838 - Rule Builder - Improvements - Target Columns from Visual Builder
  • VINYL-10896 - Consistency Issue with Terminology of "Pop-Up"
  • VINYL-10934 - Improve logging page, use frames to group them
  • VINYL-10949 - Any changes to any child row of a table, data object, or page should update it's changed on and bring it to the top of the app workbench
  • VINYL-11029 - Enable Spanish by default in Vinyl so that users of their own applications can instantly see values in Spanish
  • VINYL-11165 - UserSelectable for List purposes
  • VINYL-11188 - Changes to logging / monitor section of Vinyl
  • VINYL-11235 - Modify defaults for 3.2
  • VINYL-11315 - Change event refresh scope to row if none when when first action added
  • VINYL-11360 - Auto Build - Should not show already built pages
  • VINYL-11416 - Change page panel panel to use the wireframe widget
  • VINYL-11424 - Temporary Columns
  • VINYL-11426 - Create page from data source layer
  • VINYL-11441 - Add Third-party collection to new applications
  • VINYL-11455 - Convert release (build) number from a short to a int32 to stave off the coming apocalypse
  • VINYL-11483 - Panel Binding - Charts
  • VINYL-11506 - Provide visual clue that a table is an imported SQL view
  • VINYL-11514 - Remove notifications from auto-page builds
  • VINYL-11517 - Separate runtime data translations
  • VINYL-11535 - Turning off 'auto preview default' from the data sourced doesn't affect new rules added to the data source.
  • VINYL-11539 - Button Groups can capture ESC hotkey
  • VINYL-11567 - Naming a user defined function has incorrect help text and validation error
  • VINYL-11573 - Debug user defined function never clears the result
  • VINYL-11574 - Invalid UDF definition causes a vague, misleading error message that the UDF doesn't exist in the database
  • VINYL-11576 - When creating a new application automatically add a new nested menu item "Report"
  • VINYL-11583 - When showing suggestions for column names creating columns, show PKs first
  • VINYL-11615 - Ensure all ways to select themes also includes a link to create a new one
  • VINYL-11616 - Control set BG wrong in classic theme
  • VINYL-11620 - Add buttons for Excel and auto generate when creating a new page
  • VINYL-11624 - Show all apps on site menu for developers
  • VINYL-11626 - Autobuild should left align numerics on board panel & board panel should be limited to 8 controls (on autobuild)
  • VINYL-11629 - MRP default changes (autobuild and regular build)
  • VINYL-11630 - Do not default treat tables as data objects for new data sources in 3.2 and going forward
  • VINYL-11637 - Visibility and Default views should limit selection
  • VINYL-11653 - Language icon should only get shadow if set
  • VINYL-11655 - Make edge cases use excel mode instead of editing
  • VINYL-11668 - Combine fields and control sets
  • VINYL-11692 - Always run on CF should be a type and button group
  • VINYL-11729 - Show parent column in Controls page for non MRP
  • VINYL-11745 - Increase performance of creating index from MRP
  • VINYL-11749 - Update visibility page with TK changes
  • VINYL-11787 - Sort moves back down to the main form for fields
  • VINYL-11876 - Update control set field editing locations (IDE)
  • VINYL-11880 - Update method rename title from Off -> No
  • VINYL-11895 - Help Text change request for Skip Business Layer Control
  • VINYL-11900 - Tighten up the field editing page, placing fields on the same 'line'
  • VINYL-11902 - Place activity spinner in the new system menu
  • VINYL-11904 - Return audit links to the page set of pages
  • VINYL-11928 - Add Help Text for Controls on Panel Settings
  • VINYL-11933 - Request Help Text added to IDE
  • VINYL-11951 - Bring back validation red X for invalid rules
  • VINYL-11958 - Change Name for Copy to Target Button
  • VINYL-11959 - Data Layer | Request to increase Column Pop Up Size
  • VINYL-11973 - Image purpose listed twice
  • VINYL-12006 - Allow disabling of system menu on sealed apps
  • VINYL-12012 - UI Layer | Add Controls Page Enhancements
  • VINYL-12014 - UI Layer | Label Name Change | Always On -> Always Editable
  • VINYL-12015 - UI Default page too wide
  • VINYL-12026 - Change highlighting color on wireframe diagram
  • VINYL-12033 - Update the page templates so that adding more panels is easier
  • VINYL-12068 - Usage type on rule builder page needs an edge case group in dropdown
  • VINYL-12070 - Create + from table definition should replace page in history
  • VINYL-12112 - Upgrade to jquery 3.6.0
  • VINYL-12115 - Workbench 2.0
  • VINYL-12118 - Consolidate OAuth client context builders
  • VINYL-12130 - Move audit to panel header
  • VINYL-12164 - Make site menu show all apps optionally
  • VINYL-12202 - Set Se_Configuration.DefaultAuthNProviderId to NULL on export
  • VINYL-12206 - create DbRawJoinCondition
  • VINYL-12209 - Rj0 could be omitted from autocomplete
  • VINYL-12241 - Update Where Used page for business objects to use tabbed layout
  • VINYL-12243 - New application home page should have link to workbench in addition to auto build
  • VINYL-12248 - Consider moving sessions from Setup and Configuration to Security application
  • VINYL-12253 - Display user selectable state in view state
  • VINYL-12271 - Link sessions to session activity
  • VINYL-12275 - Make translation page use frames
  • VINYL-12337 - Add Test button to bridge page.
  • VINYL-12338 - Improve error message for webhook actions that have no bindings.
  • VINYL-12365 - Add validation/more info about link criteria in bridge option page.
  • VINYL-12366 - Validate bridge target columns when red x or Validate is pressed on the rule page.
  • VINYL-12420 - Improve testing of notification endpoints.
  • VINYL-12491 - App auto build should create the rules per table only when you click each
  • VINYL-12509 - Endpoint Import should be a toolbar button
  • VINYL-12606 - Change Add controls panel
  • VINYL-12613 - IDE page logo and accordions everywhere
  • VINYL-12680 - Panel Edit screen should load up more controls by default.
  • VINYL-12706 - Default Value / Test Value improvement for REST APIs
  • VINYL-12707 - Slow performance with rule Ui_Control_Container_AdjustRelativeSize
  • VINYL-12727 - Move run button to the board panel so it can be run when any of the other pages on the workbench are active
  • VINYL-12733 - Adjustments to New Application pop-up
  • VINYL-12749 - Show diagram for pages in an app
  • VINYL-12803 - Right side of event detail pop-up moderately complicated and limited additional info
  • VINYL-12809 - Change Design Framed Page label in action drawer
  • VINYL-12816 - Make cascade delete relationships red in diagram
  • VINYL-12817 - Change badge size
  • VINYL-12820 - Fix wrapping of field SRP
  • VINYL-12830 - CF should hide expression when using null/not null
  • VINYL-12831 - CF expression should hide if using is null
  • VINYL-12834 - Reduce number of pages around events
  • VINYL-12847 - When creating a new application with a new database, auto-create a new table Parameter, and use that as the source for the home page
  • VINYL-12906 - Move auto generate to workbench landing
  • VINYL-12907 - Make Column And Control Type lists work together
  • VINYL-12922 - Add a new link to the hamburger menu to take users to the release notes & lessons applications on
  • VINYL-12961 - When adding a file control automatically add the file upload widget
  • VINYL-12964 - Widget and Template parameters need help text
  • VINYL-12970 - Change tabs that appear on mobile when editing pages
  • VINYL-12985 - Rename Rule "Invalid" button to say Validate
  • VINYL-12988 - Show Reach checkbox on Rules page
  • VINYL-12992 - Implement tab set plan
  • VINYL-13003 - Differentiate controls on the Role page by whether they affect on new or existing tables
  • VINYL-13022 - Default lane orientation from horizontal to vertical
  • VINYL-13030 - Ship with new additional theme
  • VINYL-13074 - Misalignments on field SRP
  • VINYL-7304 - Move security provider certificates to separate table
  • VINYL-11450 - Protect API Keys
  • VINYL-11451 - Protect Security Provider Secrets
  • VINYL-11639 - Create mobile menu on application create and set it to the appropriate region
  • VINYL-11782 - Business logic links should appear next to their rule list boxes
  • VINYL-12021 - UI Layer | Link to Page be Button or Icon vs. Hyperlink
  • VINYL-12179 - Move List Source to its own tab for fields
  • VINYL-12250 - List source should show List types first
  • VINYL-12264 - Support for xlsm for imports - upgrade ExcelDataReader library to 3.6 or greater
  • VINYL-12358 - Limit certificate formats by security provider type
  • VINYL-12359 - Limit certificate registrations by usage
  • VINYL-12563 - Put panel properties in the same tab as business logic
  • VINYL-12583 - Frame panel shouldn't show source or logic tab fields
  • VINYL-12594 - Enable download on user panel
  • VINYL-12607 - When creating app, let user choose what kind of homepage to use
  • VINYL-12657 - Add option to open 1 accordion set at a time
  • VINYL-12708 - Split the current HTML control into 2 - see AHA ticket
  • VINYL-12730 - Rule builder - Column alias improvements
  • VINYL-12743 - Update misc IDE visibilities - layout, format string
  • VINYL-12744 - Stored procs appearing as tables
  • VINYL-12756 - Restore events page listing all events with BG
  • VINYL-12780 - Granting a permission to existing objects should set defaults for new objects
  • VINYL-12801 - LP installation failure notification - take user to filtered logs
  • VINYL-12802 - Building an LP should happen in the background and complete with Vinyl notification.
  • VINYL-12811 - New way to generate pages
  • VINYL-12813 - Clean up create app wizard style
  • VINYL-12838 - Updated endpoint page
  • VINYL-12878 - Improve the ability to locate the Interface and Theme responsible for a line of generated CSS
  • VINYL-12882 - Use color to indicate role permissions on dashboard network graph
  • VINYL-12883 - Reorganize panels on the Roles page
  • VINYL-12892 - Add network graph to roles page.
  • VINYL-12910 - Remove extra whitespace after SBS fields
  • VINYL-12915 - Create page which lists rules with reach rule registrations (was Add Reach icon to Roles page)
  • VINYL-12920 - Server-side pivot changes
  • VINYL-12923 - Organize Field and Panel SRPs
  • VINYL-12927 - Make page menu link creation use business layer
  • VINYL-12934 - Change page wireframe to be vertically stacked, no button
  • VINYL-12937 - Disallow Create, Update and Delete access rights for Lists and Reports
  • VINYL-12939 - Applications button on IDE page should show all applications
  • VINYL-12948 - On Save close window of rule column detail
  • VINYL-12962 - Rename Always On to Excel Mode
  • VINYL-12969 - Provide option to generate page but don't link to it at all (None)
  • VINYL-12975 - New image sizing options needed
  • VINYL-12983 - Auto Gen options fixing
  • VINYL-12990 - System to download new help text including links from
  • VINYL-13038 - Add Reach indicator to Roles network diagram
  • VINYL-13040 - Ensure workbench tiles are always available when viewing page edit page
  • VINYL-13047 - Move fields to Edge case or drop entirely from Field SRP
  • VINYL-13057 - Rules pages should use own-line simple search
  • VINYL-13064 - Creating new app takes 30 seconds. Let user know it will take that long
  • VINYL-13093 - Support right click on menu items
  • VINYL-13128 - Add post-event message when creating a Superuser role
  • VINYL-12991 - Security provider setup to login to readonly/guest account on


  • VINYL-2097 - Encrypt data source server passwords
  • VINYL-2175 - There is no way to delete a sealed application
  • VINYL-2487 - widgets page in the design center is not loading/displaying the results (SQLite)
  • VINYL-2646 - after updating widget parameter name, controls that use the widget generate javascript exception
  • VINYL-2806 - Fix spelling of "Salesforce"
  • VINYL-5442 - Ensure widget uninstall runs when switching modes
  • VINYL-7132 - Modal fails to close with widget
  • VINYL-7207 - Exception from column selection service
  • VINYL-7280 - Global reload causes hidden panels to close and re-open
  • VINYL-7466 - Simple search and filter searches password control types
  • VINYL-7569 - A groupby control in a control set does not get used by a lane panel for grouping
  • VINYL-7984 - Post event action not cleared out when not using it
  • VINYL-8530 - Chart labels don't update on global refresh
  • VINYL-8774 - Creating a record with an encrypted column doesn't add the record to the table
  • VINYL-9112 - Encrypted column values appear as System.Byte[]
  • VINYL-9275 - Improve error message while adding a new function
  • VINYL-9579 - Ace - Validation moves execute button around
  • VINYL-9656 - Migrate Vinyl.Security away from ORM and global cache
  • VINYL-9696 - Field on Crystal Report stays Encrypted
  • VINYL-9747 - Password controls save blank strings, Text saves null
  • VINYL-9763 - Vinyl requires a database named "Vinyl" when using tenants
  • VINYL-9865 - Update tenant fails when data source name contains spaces
  • VINYL-9867 - Package manager tenant install creates databases with spaces in names
  • VINYL-9901 - Package Manager install does not set DatabaseTypeId on Vinyl data source server
  • VINYL-10024 - Can't change panel insert mode to "Inline"
  • VINYL-10109 - Using connector for list data object gives error
  • VINYL-10111 - initial page for an app is not setting the default control
  • VINYL-10165 - "Business Layer" checkbox should not be available on Bridge rules
  • VINYL-10188 - It is very simple for users to get the passwords out of Db_DataSourceServer and Se_User
  • VINYL-10238 - DB2/LUW builds fail with duplicate "VINYL" schema error
  • VINYL-10295 - Ensure ACE editor can be conditionally disabled
  • VINYL-10422 - Business Rule page Joins tab has misaligned column headings
  • VINYL-10458 - Choose Panel Type on the Select data source page
  • VINYL-10598 - Can select control set/accordions as a field types
  • VINYL-10626 - Collection listbox needs to work based on the app context
  • VINYL-10668 - Button help icon off in a Control Set
  • VINYL-10670 - Error comparing dates past 2038 in conditional theme / format rules
  • VINYL-10723 - search for button on control center shows more buttons that it should
  • VINYL-10786 - Microsoft.IdentityModel libraries suppress sensitive data (PII) in log messages
  • VINYL-10793 - Authentication Expiry is encoded in the cookie, meaning that changes aren't applied until new cookies are generated / issued
  • VINYL-10847 - Embed control type errors, file name is required
  • VINYL-10861 - Add flag to disable List auto join
  • VINYL-10879 - Scrolling groups inside of tabbed groups don't scroll
  • VINYL-10944 - Panel Groups button should be on Page panel not the list of panels panel
  • VINYL-10962 - Panel binding only available if there are multiple panels (not page bind)
  • VINYL-10966 - Slow links in Control Center with no spinner or hourglass icon indicating that something is happening.
  • VINYL-10996 - IDE allows calling an event from a BO from another datasource w/o read/write access
  • VINYL-11013 - Inside label fields don't show control help
  • VINYL-11022 - Chart panel should not allow panel level link to page
  • VINYL-11040 - Site menu list missing group by app
  • VINYL-11050 - Help icons cut off with side by side
  • VINYL-11066 - Panel edge case wraps in edit mode
  • VINYL-11069 - Split Comparison class
  • VINYL-11100 - Widget dispose fails if unsubscribing from something that doesn't exist
  • VINYL-11119 - Review running Success Handler on CRAM rows that are not inserted
  • VINYL-11121 - new Report - TablePurpose
  • VINYL-11122 - Accordions & Tabs open and close inconsistently
  • VINYL-11136 - Hide fields from menu item screens
  • VINYL-11138 - Padding from lower panel blocks top panel
  • VINYL-11169 - Change target table from link to icon
  • VINYL-11173 - Change Table Canvas Icon
  • VINYL-11174 - Default usage type based on the expression and rule type
  • VINYL-11199 - Frame panels should show their inner page name in PLS tabs
  • VINYL-11201 - Board panel text content being truncated when resizing browser
  • VINYL-11220 - Side by Side Zone as City/State/Zip format misaligns with Label Type of Enclosed and Hidden
  • VINYL-11224 - Clicking FK + adds the relationship without setting On Update/On Delete
  • VINYL-11229 - Possible for admin users to retrieve AWS role access key and secret from their server
  • VINYL-11234 - Support custom insert button label for calendars
  • VINYL-11236 - Rule priority field too narrow
  • VINYL-11253 - Automatically set Replace Page In History in IDE when Link To Page to self and State is Add
  • VINYL-11259 - Server side pivot column labels incorrect?
  • VINYL-11268 - "Sign out" at the top of the site menu page is not translated
  • VINYL-11319 - when creating a pivot rule, it throw column usage type not found
  • VINYL-11345 - Enclosed text areas can't fill entire horizontal space
  • VINYL-11355 - Running an event by its method is not the same as running it by name
  • VINYL-11358 - User Profile screen throws Refresh Browser message for wrong scenarios
  • VINYL-11363 - Create button jumping around on panel with dynamic title
  • VINYL-11367 - No warning message thrown on Delete of Zone, Control Set or Panel Group
  • VINYL-11391 - Side by side SRP not working
  • VINYL-11393 - Bridge Attachment error with null value
  • VINYL-11398 - index is not defaulted in options when creating a bridge
  • VINYL-11403 - Add Help should be available in Zones
  • VINYL-11404 - List clear X makes MRP column resize
  • VINYL-11411 - Include scripts to generate connection files in Vinyl repository
  • VINYL-11413 - ACE editor should update the mode when switching binding rows
  • VINYL-11415 - Not starting Business Object rule name with table name autofills wrong target
  • VINYL-11431 - null exception in trace / language logic?
  • VINYL-11432 - Vinyl.DB.Driver.AdoNet.PostgreSQL namespace does not match project name
  • VINYL-11433 - Rename MelissaData.Plugins project to Vinyl.ThirdParty.MelissaData.Plugins
  • VINYL-11434 - Rename A2B.Plugins project to Vinyl.ThirdParty.A2B.Plugins
  • VINYL-11435 - Remove 3.0 from app names
  • VINYL-11436 - Rename Aetna project to Vinyl.ThirdParty.Aetna.Plugins
  • VINYL-11437 - Move Vinyl.ThirdParty.EliteGroup.Plugins project to match directory structure
  • VINYL-11438 - Move Vinyl.ThirdParty.JCrew.Plugins project to match directory structure
  • VINYL-11442 - Home app did not clean up all data correctly
  • VINYL-11443 - Clear up orphaned pages and rules
  • VINYL-11458 - Package manager install requires an empty Vinyl database
  • VINYL-11461 - Accrual_Extended missing physical table
  • VINYL-11462 - If a server generates too many 5xx errors it risks being shutdown by elastic beanstalk
  • VINYL-11468 - Zones should expose Label and Short Label on the Control Group details page
  • VINYL-11477 - Always add and edit a Column in Rule Builder in popup mode
  • VINYL-11480 - Alias required for simple column reference
  • VINYL-11482 - Chart Rules - Managed Tables not showing up to add from clauses
  • VINYL-11487 - Chart not passing correct binding criteria to child panel
  • VINYL-11489 - Null Check for BusinessInsertUpdate plugin
  • VINYL-11492 - VinylAuditRefId appears in newly created table even though it VinylAuditLog has been deleted and audit is off
  • VINYL-11509 - Logical date and time tests incorrectly log warning
  • VINYL-11515 - Button group values are displaying as a UUID when user group/role only has read access to a business object
  • VINYL-11516 - Action indexes are assigned oddly
  • VINYL-11518 - Adding new tables to Unions are marked as CROSS
  • VINYL-11523 - unable to view last row in MRP after load more has been clicked till the end
  • VINYL-11524 - UUID Showing for data sources when navigating starts from connections page
  • VINYL-11525 - Collection filter is not always visible on image filters panel
  • VINYL-11540 - Primary key violation when adding a 3rd supported language
  • VINYL-11544 - File download fails in Chrome if the file name contains a comma
  • VINYL-11547 - deleting site wide bundle causes "bundle name must be unique error" when adding an app
  • VINYL-11552 - TextArea overlapping title and border
  • VINYL-11553 - administrator who is assigned Vinyl Developer role will suddenly see many less applications
  • VINYL-11554 - There is no validation to prevent a base theme from being deleted
  • VINYL-11557 - Rule Builder - Selecting column queue
  • VINYL-11559 - Long running LP installs time out the UI interface
  • VINYL-11561 - PageEdit: wireframe control links is not visible when panel name is long
  • VINYL-11562 - New data source with full audit and a new table shows a status of 'unknown'
  • VINYL-11565 - page panels page has duplicated details as in page edits panel
  • VINYL-11566 - Accordion open/closed icons aren't editable after the accordion has been created
  • VINYL-11569 - Updating a user defined function definition for a database type fails with a unique database type constraint violation.
  • VINYL-11579 - New top system menu does not work in IE
  • VINYL-11581 - Default target on default rules
  • VINYL-11582 - Fix page wireframe
  • VINYL-11585 - Bindings Critertia for Charts
  • VINYL-11587 - DatabaseTypeError not being shown
  • VINYL-11590 - Dynamic substitution on translated field shows null in label
  • VINYL-11592 - Calendar panel 'Add' button isn't translated
  • VINYL-11593 - Accordion and Tabs appear in Control Type Menu
  • VINYL-11596 - Business Layer panel hangs when switching DS
  • VINYL-11597 - Issue generating pdf / report
  • VINYL-11604 - Change Request left open on develop
  • VINYL-11607 - Upgrade SignalR library to the latest version
  • VINYL-11609 - Server ends up with duplicate site bundles
  • VINYL-11610 - App region links are not working for menus
  • VINYL-11611 - Menu Item page should use radio buttons
  • VINYL-11612 - Visibility and Default pages should use Create&Register technique
  • VINYL-11613 - Change order of fields when inserting controls
  • VINYL-11622 - DEV - Access to app but not data can leave the platter in invalid state
  • VINYL-11625 - Rule Ui_Control_SiteMap fails on MySQL 8.0
  • VINYL-11627 - CSS Loader site widget replaces css-loader/styles.css on upgrade
  • VINYL-11634 - Frame page not respecting Insert mode
  • VINYL-11636 - Can't set Aggregate Expression in Control
  • VINYL-11640 - Spanish language exported
  • VINYL-11641 - On page Run mvSQL, badge called beta overlaps the button
  • VINYL-11650 - A default rule registered to a Table or a Business object does not show in the where used for the default
  • VINYL-11651 - Audit Logs count doesn't work when auditing a business object/rule.
  • VINYL-11652 - Duplicate Vinyl - Home applications upgrading from 3.1 to 3.1.1
  • VINYL-11654 - Password Expired page prompted twice for admin user
  • VINYL-11657 - SAP ABAP Sqlite Error
  • VINYL-11661 - Sign out doesn't actually sign out an Android native device user.
  • VINYL-11662 - Connector running Event actions twice
  • VINYL-11663 - Filter columns should not be exported in CSV download
  • VINYL-11664 - Button right edge cut off
  • VINYL-11665 - toggling language settings in localization and selecting the same causes message to display
  • VINYL-11667 - Excessive conditional formatting being run
  • VINYL-11672 - Refresh row not updating data on save
  • VINYL-11673 - Can't uncheck Skip Business Layer option when creating rule
  • VINYL-11674 - The event action Create & Register button is not clickable
  • VINYL-11677 - Column MRP needs index
  • VINYL-11679 - Error during full install when running the 'Upgrade Schedule'
  • VINYL-11680 - PK field not recommended after being used as a non-PK field + additional changes (See below)
  • VINYL-11686 - Profile no longer contains culture and languages
  • VINYL-11687 - Via the Plugin Where Used, a user gains access to the Events page, which appears to ignore DataSource.Sealed
  • VINYL-11689 - Exception occurs and we know exactly where it occurs, but we don't say indicate it in the exception
  • VINYL-11690 - Where used for plugins doesn't work for Visibility Plugins on a page with multiple panels
  • VINYL-11691 - HTML rendering not matching editor
  • VINYL-11693 - Zones next to each other in a Side By Side container are missing margins
  • VINYL-11695 - button in panel header needs spacing from maximize icon
  • VINYL-11696 - User can accidently queue two close popup for the same page
  • VINYL-11699 - Clicking Process on system bundle should not add translations to the system bundle.
  • VINYL-11700 - Run mvsql page generates error on load A valid mvSqlQueryId is required.
  • VINYL-11714 - Allow users to pick Save as a Button event
  • VINYL-11715 - Business rules can select from managed tables, but List types can't
  • VINYL-11717 - Do not send passwords to the client
  • VINYL-11723 - Label visibility is missing from MRP control list
  • VINYL-11726 - Occasionally page link doesn't take user to correct page.
  • VINYL-11727 - You can't change a Report's file
  • VINYL-11731 - Drilling to a frame page and returning to the first via menu does not work
  • VINYL-11732 - Continue On Error and Success/Failure Handlers should only be available for Business CRUD rules
  • VINYL-11735 - Can't switch source on data page
  • VINYL-11747 - Error saving on SRP - context not ready
  • VINYL-11751 - Conditional formatting still shows "Always run" on the multi-row panel
  • VINYL-11752 - Switching formatting rule between Unconditional and Conditional automatically closes the popup
  • VINYL-11753 - Row highlighting doesn't work on the conditional formatting page.
  • VINYL-11754 - Installation fails with error "The given key was not present in the dictionary" when manifest does not match table schema
  • VINYL-11755 - Widget - Missing Collection drop down
  • VINYL-11756 - Some controls on the schedule page seem mis-sized
  • VINYL-11757 - Test scheduled event failed Alert message should have a link to the log that it mentions
  • VINYL-11759 - Zones should be an option anywhere Control Sets are an option except MRPs
  • VINYL-11763 - Unable to set the state when creating a new text control (readonly, required, ...)
  • VINYL-11765 - remove a maximize icon from the profile popup page
  • VINYL-11766 - Knowledge Base Link Not Working
  • VINYL-11770 - Page Design Javascript error on IE, not sure if we care about IE
  • VINYL-11771 - Site Menu missing new header icons in IE
  • VINYL-11773 - "Sign Out" not translated.
  • VINYL-11775 - Initial panel state set to edit not working
  • VINYL-11776 - HTML control steals focus when panel is in edit state
  • VINYL-11781 - Can't change Panel type from Chart to MRP
  • VINYL-11784 - Populate Audit Records fails on Northwinds table OrderDetails.
  • VINYL-11788 - Column Detail page to not close on save
  • VINYL-11789 - Fix KeyOnlyRow build server error.
  • VINYL-11791 - Mismatched height with pinned grid and wrapped labels
  • VINYL-11794 - Input controls with a Width set that are inside a Zone or Control Set within a Zone ignore Width
  • VINYL-11799 - No link to page option for chart panels
  • VINYL-11800 - Action Drawer should not render if there are no items inside
  • VINYL-11808 - Can't set password for new user
  • VINYL-11812 - Cell not found error when creating panel groups
  • VINYL-11815 - Gantt charts check for End - make required
  • VINYL-11817 - Skip Business Layer is defaulted to false when creating from All Events page
  • VINYL-11827 - Map generation is missing a map type
  • VINYL-11831 - Design button on stored procedure links to wrong page
  • VINYL-11832 - Lane panel using the 'Both Axis' sub type renders the column headers over the filter pop up
  • VINYL-11834 - Percent formatting needs extra roundtrip to take into effect
  • VINYL-11836 - Control Set header shows on Filter Panel when there are no controls assigned to the Control Set
  • VINYL-11845 - Auto Build with multiple data sources isn't trimming managed table.
  • VINYL-11855 - Network Graph is missing mapping for sources
  • VINYL-11857 - Exceptions thrown in webhook flow do not get logging to file / database / memory logs - appears in event logs only
  • VINYL-11859 - Crystal Report showing keys when opened as attachment
  • VINYL-11863 - Wrap column/Comparison expression
  • VINYL-11867 - Rule that selects data from a different data source cannot have roles set properly from some pages
  • VINYL-11870 - Remove IsNullOrEmpty and IsNotNullOrEmpty operators
  • VINYL-11874 - Make MultiLogger more robust
  • VINYL-11877 - Back operation lost if page has a frame
  • VINYL-11878 - Visibility panels not hiding for framed pages
  • VINYL-11881 - Error thrown on simple search if no keys present
  • VINYL-11885 - Unable to search for an object with a '[' in the name, when adding objects to a business rule
  • VINYL-11888 - Default flag image for US, missing in upgrade (user data)
  • VINYL-11890 - Panel -> Logic -> Drill down to rule and rename, press back leaves Vinyl loading
  • VINYL-11892 - SignalR error "Attempted persistent connection without authentication" on login screen
  • VINYL-11897 - Timeout retrieving data to be translated
  • VINYL-11903 - Mobile view UI issues
  • VINYL-11905 - CSV Download Headers not Translated
  • VINYL-11906 - Charts with two axis don't line up their 0 lines if negatives exist
  • VINYL-11907 - Chart Text does not appear Translated
  • VINYL-11911 - Menu Navigation not Translating
  • VINYL-11912 - User Profile missing Translations
  • VINYL-11915 - Not all Controls are Translating on SRP with Tabs
  • VINYL-11916 - App workbench links to wrong application after switch applications
  • VINYL-11919 - Mobile view of Build Application UI/UX Issues
  • VINYL-11920 - Create EntityTableDataMapper from service provider
  • VINYL-11921 - Mobile UI/UX Issue with Add a Page Display
  • VINYL-11922 - Rename rule based entities to __Rule
  • VINYL-11924 - Mobile Page Design access to Controls Issue
  • VINYL-11926 - Enter to submit date filter field does not save value
  • VINYL-11927 - Increase contrast on button groups
  • VINYL-11931 - Auto join other rules
  • VINYL-11934 - Nightly Trim job is failing because of permission issue
  • VINYL-11935 - Case Consistency in Action Drawer Menu
  • VINYL-11937 - New Application not Appearing on Site Menu
  • VINYL-11940 - Auto Build - Charts only on report - not on main menu as well.
  • VINYL-11944 - Chart's category control should default List source as well.
  • VINYL-11946 - Link To when Binding is null for panel level links runs unbounded
  • VINYL-11950 - Rule Builder - Charts
  • VINYL-11955 - Link to Page Sort Order to Default to Current App
  • VINYL-11956 - Background job sometimes runs 2 jobs even with concurrency of 1.
  • VINYL-11961 - Autobuilt chart has a rows per request set to 25 - should be 1000 I believe
  • VINYL-11963 - Continue On Error flag is not visible on success handler actions
  • VINYL-11966 - UI Layer | Inconsistencies - Panel Control Buttons
  • VINYL-11967 - Logic Layer | Change Label for Data Object
  • VINYL-11968 - UI Layer | Expand Length Field on Properties
  • VINYL-11969 - UI Layer | Label Inconsistency | Change Label for New Business Object
  • VINYL-11977 - Panel Design of Frame Shows Business Logic Tab
  • VINYL-11980 - Capability Bindings Not Working
  • VINYL-11982 - Panel Visibility Hidden Reserved Space - Sometimes Shows Search Bar
  • VINYL-11986 - Data Layer | Enhance Table | isActive is not using Camel Case
  • VINYL-11988 - Back Link on Build Application Wizard is Broken
  • VINYL-11990 - Build Application > Create Database > Auto Build Path Not Intuitive Enough for New User
  • VINYL-12002 - REST APIs & Webhooks | UUID showing for Table Value / Tabs design is outdated
  • VINYL-12008 - UI Layer | Wrong Panel is showing after building a Chart Panel
  • VINYL-12013 - Full Audit | Seeing Field UUID value vs Column Name
  • VINYL-12025 - Look & Feel | Theming | Inconsistent Labels
  • VINYL-12028 - Deleting app leaves you on app page filtered by appId (no data)
  • VINYL-12030 - UI Layer | Button Control Auto-setting Column causing issues
  • VINYL-12032 - Data Layer | Table Design | Left Panel Small UI Adjustments
  • VINYL-12037 - Control Center link is not visible to members of the Administrators group
  • VINYL-12038 - Add Business Layer logo on a few more places
  • VINYL-12039 - Logic Layer / UI Layer | Missing Validation on the "Publish to UI Layer" button for Chart Panels
  • VINYL-12042 - Quick grid stuck in a schema reloading loop
  • VINYL-12049 - UI Layer | Page Help Text no Longer Visible
  • VINYL-12052 - Pages with frames and multiple panels gets tabs when not needed
  • VINYL-12053 - Selecting Date in the control does not override display of time from the rule
  • VINYL-12054 - "Publish to Business Layer" throws error on Employees table in NW
  • VINYL-12056 - Apply control sub type default when changing control types
  • VINYL-12060 - Framed page with an invalid activepanel in url results in page not loading
  • VINYL-12064 - Can't add tables from all data sources to List rule
  • VINYL-12065 - Autobuilt rules need to be validated - they appear as unvalidated after creating
  • VINYL-12066 - move Edge case for pages into the action drawer
  • VINYL-12067 - Rule Builder - Wide Where Clause
  • VINYL-12073 - Action/Validation page improvements
  • VINYL-12074 - Toolbar background disappears when scrolling down on the site menu page
  • VINYL-12080 - Reloading chart data does not replace event binding from old data
  • VINYL-12082 - UI Layer | Mandatory Edit State Not being honored in Excel Edit Mode
  • VINYL-12084 - UI Layer | Adding a custom Delete button has a Lower Case 'd' in Delete
  • VINYL-12085 - Change error closing modal with escape key
  • VINYL-12091 - Several projects have an incorrect project type
  • VINYL-12093 - Clean up Rule Builder IDE
  • VINYL-12094 - Union BO won't let you drop a table or column if used on a panel
  • VINYL-12095 - Package manager should not export migration rules
  • VINYL-12097 - Inconsistent changesets in version control
  • VINYL-12098 - Tabs have two under lines
  • VINYL-12099 - Right join test and validation
  • VINYL-12102 - For Unions, we should hide join columns
  • VINYL-12103 - New columns are being set with PK flag
  • VINYL-12106 - Audit icon inconsistency
  • VINYL-12120 - Upgrade Bootstrap
  • VINYL-12121 - Standardize Create+ button text and icons (and location)
  • VINYL-12122 - For Charts we hide Sort and Sort Direction on the Controls panel, but we expose it on the Control details panel on the Cosmetic tab
  • VINYL-12128 - Default datatype to date if Column name ends with Date
  • VINYL-12136 - Managed Table Prime across Data Sources
  • VINYL-12150 - Letter-spacing is missing in the text advanced style type
  • VINYL-12155 - Review OAuth client authentication settings and defaults
  • VINYL-12156 - Guard against cookie replay attacks
  • VINYL-12157 - Can't delete a page if Panel1 is bound to Panel2
  • VINYL-12158 - Vinyl let's the designer move Vinyl themes into the Customer collection and then edit them
  • VINYL-12161 - When creating Control Sets, the default rule for order doesn't take into account any Zones
  • VINYL-12165 - Rule validation wrong for CRAMs
  • VINYL-12167 - Buttons on pages that are modals off IDE page render incorrectly
  • VINYL-12168 - Make Foreign Key/Indexes suggest using c# only for performance gains
  • VINYL-12171 - Physical view appears as a managed type for tables
  • VINYL-12190 - Lists with allow insert do not align correctly
  • VINYL-12194 - Missing label for data source selector on this page.
  • VINYL-12195 - Enabling Full Audit results in an exception
  • VINYL-12196 - Page edit diagram flickers on edit
  • VINYL-12197 - Date control renders outside of screen on ios... maybe other platforms.
  • VINYL-12199 - Search on adding new table is now case sensitive
  • VINYL-12205 - Schedule time for background jobs needs to be consistent and clear
  • VINYL-12211 - Business object Be_AppDataSource_Accessible_DataObject_ControlType allows public read
  • VINYL-12212 - Various Ui_Control_Panel business objects allow public read
  • VINYL-12231 - MRP Group By not working on panel first load
  • VINYL-12236 - Widget extra files being copied to wwwroot
  • VINYL-12237 - IDE changes for widgets with path instead of zip files
  • VINYL-12245 - Autogenerate issues
  • VINYL-12251 - Hide control set labels in Filter if the field has label hidden
  • VINYL-12252 - List binding should default direction to Filter
  • VINYL-12254 - Exported migration rule lists columns twice
  • VINYL-12256 - Hide REST Apis for tables that are not accessible to the user
  • VINYL-12284 - List doesn't show full value in Safari
  • VINYL-12288 - File Control in Side by Side Control Set Content Over laps browse button
  • VINYL-12290 - Validation messages seem to persist between events
  • VINYL-12293 - Db_Table_Physical returns duplicate rows.
  • VINYL-12303 - List clear icon isn't visible
  • VINYL-12304 - Changing table breaks rule builder.
  • VINYL-12312 - New audit shield icon on MRP leaves rows unbalanced.
  • VINYL-12313 - Publish to UI Layer not adding binding criteria when linking from board to SRP
  • VINYL-12314 - Link to page from framed page links to wrong page after reloading
  • VINYL-12317 - Zone on Mobile width stacks controls when there is room not to
  • VINYL-12318 - Full audit count is incorrect if more than 25 rows displayed
  • VINYL-12324 - Visibility shouldn't default to table
  • VINYL-12326 - Password is sent across the wire for encrypted columns
  • VINYL-12327 - Check dependencies of LP before installing.
  • VINYL-12328 - Correlate logs for LP install into a single easy to search area.
  • VINYL-12332 - mvSQL should encode UUID values with UUID() function
  • VINYL-12347 - Add support for reopening the latest change management request
  • VINYL-12351 - Switch audit button on SRP to an icon
  • VINYL-12352 - Convert DbService and Functions resolution to Service Pattern
  • VINYL-12356 - ORM to throw if column can't be set
  • VINYL-12362 - Panel Bindings other direction
  • VINYL-12375 - IDE menus are not responsive
  • VINYL-12381 - Category column usage type should be required for Charts and Maps
  • VINYL-12384 - DataSourceServer Subtype not visible for REST data source servers
  • VINYL-12385 - Editing the connection info of a server should test before persisting
  • VINYL-12386 - Global refresh on Publish to UI and Enhance Table
  • VINYL-12389 - Wizard pages not showing all panels in diagram
  • VINYL-12391 - Add a limit to number of nodes the diagram will support
  • VINYL-12393 - Groups not showing when children of another tabbed group
  • VINYL-12404 - Streamline workbench look and feel
  • VINYL-12407 - "Home Page" should just be called "Home"
  • VINYL-12410 - Redis cannot be configured as the shared state provider
  • VINYL-12411 - Results page is not showing column values that are uuids
  • VINYL-12417 - Can't create rules
  • VINYL-12423 - Photo required on Rule to use as a Image control
  • VINYL-12424 - Active Directory authentication can not be used with local machine accounts
  • VINYL-12434 - Help icon is not legible
  • VINYL-12448 - New IDE does not fix RelativeSize when switching between Zone and Control Set
  • VINYL-12449 - PostgreSQL builds intermittently fail to install while loading assembly System.Threading.Channels
  • VINYL-12452 - Not specifying filename results in exception downloading file
  • VINYL-12456 - Ui_ControlType missing FK relationship to Ui_AttributeType
  • VINYL-12459 - REST API logs sort by Request Log ID
  • VINYL-12460 - REST API log page times out when there are 10k+ logs
  • VINYL-12469 - Widget responses don't include the X-Vinyl-Version
  • VINYL-12472 - SharePoint - Enter creds later never loads procedures or tables
  • VINYL-12477 - Designing a CR page doesn't show all panels
  • VINYL-12484 - Panel Binding Logical Data Types checking
  • VINYL-12485 - Crystal Report Open As Attachment Not using Link Criteria for Binding
  • VINYL-12486 - Highcharts can lock up browser
  • VINYL-12488 - Missing help for copy/create/delete rule.
  • VINYL-12493 - Can't set a File Storage table on a File Browser Panel
  • VINYL-12496 - Rule timeouts on MySQL 5.6
  • VINYL-12498 - Remove 8Track
  • VINYL-12505 - Publish to UI creating multiple menu entries
  • VINYL-12507 - Date migration page is missing help
  • VINYL-12513 - Rules tab doesn't list webhook rules or webhook rule actions (ie CRUD).
  • VINYL-12540 - Side by Side Control Set with hidden border renders label incorrectly
  • VINYL-12543 - Error when switching to BG for event
  • VINYL-12548 - error when viewing details of the Page View Log
  • VINYL-12550 - Prayer Circle page crashes under some conditions
  • VINYL-12556 - Clicking copy rule does not stay within frame (and maintain the "rules/tables/etc" header).
  • VINYL-12558 - Can't create action rule with Create and Register
  • VINYL-12567 - Horizontal Lane background color does not fill entire width
  • VINYL-12568 - Hide panel headers when hiding a panel
  • VINYL-12571 - Hide Roles icon for table purposes that don't support it
  • VINYL-12581 - Ping endpoint does not start vinyl background service after vinyl restarts
  • VINYL-12586 - SRP using a List with "Business Engine" list resolution isn't working correctly.
  • VINYL-12590 - Push notification endpoint "Test" button doesn't take Application User Id into account.
  • VINYL-12592 - Ui_Control_GenMRPField could add columns which previously just got created.
  • VINYL-12600 - Standardize Default pages
  • VINYL-12601 - Wrong binding when linking to page
  • VINYL-12603 - Create Page via Excel File does not support Excel files
  • VINYL-12604 - Create Page via Excel File does not work
  • VINYL-12612 - Selecting all columns in a union throwing null exception
  • VINYL-12615 - Spacing for button groups are wrong
  • VINYL-12618 - SharePoint no longer Imports
  • VINYL-12623 - Snowflake re-import not changing data type
  • VINYL-12629 - Require Cast Logical Data Type for computed expressions
  • VINYL-12652 - Disable Column Selection Service still wrapping - rendering incorrectly
  • VINYL-12667 - Some widgets have download link, some don't
  • VINYL-12671 - Default required alias even on edit
  • VINYL-12677 - You can no longer add widgets to pages in Vinyl
  • VINYL-12678 - Show page relative height next to Popup checkbox
  • VINYL-12688 - Update Link To Page field showing up when Insert set to Link To Page.
  • VINYL-12690 - Rendering of templates while working on them causes issues
  • VINYL-12695 - Window history gets multiple entries if root frame page loaded multiple times.
  • VINYL-12698 - Changing Order on Panel throws Error Message
  • VINYL-12724 - Label type Enclosed reserves too much space on SRP
  • VINYL-12729 - Error publish to UI from chart-based rule
  • VINYL-12732 - Can't connect to DB2 on Linux
  • VINYL-12751 - Text areas not expanding when gaining focus
  • VINYL-12762 - Reload on back loses selected row
  • VINYL-12763 - Default some control type's layout
  • VINYL-12765 - Can't delete pages that are linked to by menus
  • VINYL-12766 - Show diagram for menu management
  • VINYL-12772 - Fix 2 wireframe errors on page edit page
  • VINYL-12776 - New pages MRP delete is missing RootControlId
  • VINYL-12779 - Create dashboard page to show app graphs
  • VINYL-12781 - Role page is missing help
  • VINYL-12782 - Maps (or BO) showing as a possible Action
  • VINYL-12788 - UUID appearing on navigation button
  • VINYL-12790 - Widget Parameter
  • VINYL-12794 - Filtering on table name, the active filter reads 'Name in null' instead of 'Name in Customers'
  • VINYL-12795 - Active Filter box does not display the filter when drilldown from the page design to the business logic layer, which should filter by table name
  • VINYL-12798 - Missing DataSourceId binding
  • VINYL-12799 - Setting alias for unions
  • VINYL-12814 - Minor tweaks to Template control settings
  • VINYL-12821 - Reloading license page gets stuck in a loop
  • VINYL-12825 - IDE to Connections to Data Sources to Logic results in GUID in Data Source Listbox
  • VINYL-12826 - Restore previous non system menu appearance by default and IDE
  • VINYL-12828 - Back with framed page blocked by duplicate click suppressor
  • VINYL-12829 - Error when viewing dynamic result page
  • VINYL-12840 - Default usage type for Start on Calendars
  • VINYL-12846 - Max concurrency should default to 1
  • VINYL-12849 - DbValue accepts qualified column name but uses as a plain name instead
  • VINYL-12852 - The target list contains the current rule
  • VINYL-12872 - Vinyl throwing antlr exceptions slowing it down significantly when launched with debugger
  • VINYL-12873 - Rule Builder - Move Create Table to toolbar.
  • VINYL-12893 - [DbColumn] defined on a field referencing a column that doesn't currently exist
  • VINYL-12896 - The generated physical name must be unique error after column rename
  • VINYL-12902 - Default target column by name on Insert and Update
  • VINYL-12908 - Notification rule should validate if to and binding were defined
  • VINYL-12921 - Add copy icon to javascript errors
  • VINYL-12928 - Deleting a control set deletes the controls within it (with a warning I think - all good) - however MRP isn't refreshed correctly
  • VINYL-12930 - Auto gen rule sending to Config only
  • VINYL-12933 - Notification needs to require PK
  • VINYL-12942 - Building a business object is broken
  • VINYL-12959 - IDE page buttons move on click
  • VINYL-12972 - Dynamic results of REST POST table return binding error about source object.
  • VINYL-13005 - Vinyl is installing and updating the Northwinds and VBT Collections in release builds
  • VINYL-13017 - Column appearing twice for list controls
  • VINYL-13036 - Remove extra border on accordions
  • VINYL-13043 - SAML Service Provider (SP) does not validate SAMLResponse InResponseTo
  • VINYL-13070 - Include Widget Bound Columns on "Optimized" Query
  • VINYL-13079 - Site Widget API broken when using profile information
  • VINYL-13102 - Rename SAML "IdP" project and types.
  • VINYL-13125 - Autocomplete is no longer set for Template Binding Param value
  • VINYL-13153 - User_Site_Menu build server error...
  • VINYL-1989 - It should not be possible to set the password on the "Anonymous" account
  • VINYL-9359 - Template parameter bindings do not appear to be cached
  • VINYL-9934 - Rule Ui_EventAction_Field times out on PostgreSQL
  • VINYL-10057 - Convert security providers from MEF to Microsoft.Extensions.DependencyInjection
  • VINYL-10110 - Using total function on a column from a business object source rule in a connector does not work
  • VINYL-10179 - Index doesn't increase when creating multiple defaults on data objects
  • VINYL-10590 - Creating template results in error until leaving and returning to template page after setting name
  • VINYL-11333 - File Browser - Share Point File System
  • VINYL-11427 - color in usage chart for quota day are close and hard to distinguish
  • VINYL-11470 - TooltipLabel not translated when running Process on bundle
  • VINYL-11526 - business rule listing for sharepoint procedures present oversized icon
  • VINYL-11591 - Validation for failure to delete a record with a relationship not translated
  • VINYL-11614 - Error switching panel types with Insert method id
  • VINYL-11649 - Can't download the Dynamic Results of a Pivot Rule
  • VINYL-11658 - The user list control on the tracing page should use a different title field
  • VINYL-11701 - SQLite not deferring constraints correctly on install
  • VINYL-11785 - Populate Audit Records fails on extended table.
  • VINYL-11786 - Frame page can have (unexpected) controls on it
  • VINYL-11811 - Developer Silo - view all collections button, deploy button is visible, and System Menu shows GUID - needs full retest
  • VINYL-11936 - Delete Page leaves Screen in Unexpected State
  • VINYL-11943 - Vinyl Header Icons should have Scroll Background Color or Stay Sticky on Site Menu
  • VINYL-11964 - Pivot rule throws 'Object reference not set to an instance of an object' when pivot value is null
  • VINYL-11978 - Frame doesn't load, if page is clicked on from Menu
  • VINYL-11979 - Crystal Report Visual Builder Only Shows First Panel
  • VINYL-11996 - Translation lookups from data source pick Site bundle over bundle with same name as Data Source.
  • VINYL-12035 - Translations do not appear to work on MySQL
  • VINYL-12071 - Command time out on mysql when viewing action registration
  • VINYL-12081 - UI Layer | Cannot Set Button Groups to Mandatory
  • VINYL-12117 - Revisit authentication type and OAuth grant type names prior to 3.2 release
  • VINYL-12174 - Timeout when registering actions on MySQL
  • VINYL-12177 - Icon only buttons have a min height set that affects MRP
  • VINYL-12178 - Select2 list error saving
  • VINYL-12207 - Unclear message re Auto Inherit Events flag when giving business object public access.
  • VINYL-12234 - Exception thrown on sign in if identity does not have an identifier
  • VINYL-12235 - Exception thrown on sign in if Supplies Group Membership is not enabled
  • VINYL-12281 - Icon image shows a chevron icon when no icon is selected
  • VINYL-12294 - Possible to enable full audit when business object doesn't include audit ref column.
  • VINYL-12323 - Aggregating to change PK to value
  • VINYL-12325 - Problems creating action (IDE)
  • VINYL-12334 - Lists wrapping incorrectly
  • VINYL-12344 - Should of used list using foreign key constraint in charts
  • VINYL-12372 - Padding missing on simple search in filter modal
  • VINYL-12380 - Rules duplicated on All rules page
  • VINYL-12383 - Mailkit/Mimekit/Bouncy Castle upgrade
  • VINYL-12412 - Toolbar buttons can't get conditional formatting with no rows
  • VINYL-12418 - Protect SuccessFactors OData security provider API Key
  • VINYL-12431 - Importing Vinyl Connector tables redirects to Site Menu
  • VINYL-12433 - CData drivers (Snowflake, DynamicsCRM) have a dependency on System.Windows.Forms making them not usable on Linux/Docker
  • VINYL-12444 - +Table fails to do anything
  • VINYL-12500 - Stacked Zone with controls set to Side by Side Labels stacks the labels
  • VINYL-12502 - Can't associate data source with OAuth security provider
  • VINYL-12503 - Data source security providers (HTTP, RDBMS, OData) should not include OAuth authorization_code grant
  • VINYL-12504 - Data source security providers (HTTP, RDBMS, OData) should not require OAuth settings when delegating
  • VINYL-12511 - InMemory Columns in MRP losing state
  • VINYL-12545 - Exception signing into security provider with existing group membership when registering new groups
  • VINYL-12552 - Changing column direction in column edge case generates exception.
  • VINYL-12559 - Recent list should not include sealed data sources
  • VINYL-12587 - Reorganize the DataSourceSpecHandler classes to be more awesome.
  • VINYL-12608 - Plugin Where Used for webhooks links to the REST API tab not Webhooks.
  • VINYL-12611 - Turning on tracing throws Entity contains read-only members with no matching constructor reference for ActionType Image column
  • VINYL-12638 - Zone width adjustments
  • VINYL-12639 - Control Widths and Usability Issues
  • VINYL-12647 - Creating a new site widget using the default values results in an error
  • VINYL-12648 - User can modify parameters for Vinyl templates
  • VINYL-12649 - Consolidate HTTP, OData and RDBMS security providers
  • VINYL-12663 - Reopen menu item sits right above the delete button on the change management request page
  • VINYL-12668 - Data source security provider OAuth delegation caught in loop
  • VINYL-12675 - Template panel appearing on all created pages
  • VINYL-12679 - Fix spacing between fields on Field SRP zone
  • VINYL-12687 - Adding an html template to a panel should auto-populate bindings where they match
  • VINYL-12689 - Randomized App icon image not being assigned to new App
  • VINYL-12694 - Removing template leaves orphaned rows in Ui_Param_Binding table
  • VINYL-12701 - OAuth authorization_code with Token Owner of Client does not work
  • VINYL-12709 - Adding column after checking results throws an error
  • VINYL-12713 - SAML fails to map identity if only the name is set
  • VINYL-12716 - Navigation from REST endpoint to table is broken
  • VINYL-12718 - Exception thrown after modifying REST endpoint column and clicking "Discover".
  • VINYL-12721 - Inside Label with set as Hidden does not show when you delete the control data
  • VINYL-12722 - Panel without any controls never finishes rendering
  • VINYL-12725 - Missing defaults badge on managed table...?
  • VINYL-12726 - Event refresh option changes from None to Row after adding an action.
  • VINYL-12728 - Chart timing out on test server
  • VINYL-12731 - Enable cascade delete between Se_Provider and Se_ProviderCertificate
  • VINYL-12737 - Orphaned entity DbColumn on Provider
  • VINYL-12739 - Orphaned entity DbColumn on LogicalDataType
  • VINYL-12741 - GUID Showing for App Data Sources
  • VINYL-12753 - No tables show up to Import for local vinyl connector.
  • VINYL-12754 - Support validating rules on the recents panel
  • VINYL-12755 - Vinyl allowed creating a page with a leading space, business object with leading space
  • VINYL-12757 - Data Source button to import "Views" and "Procedures" isn't hooked up.
  • VINYL-12767 - Error "Cannot read properties of null (reading 'getParentPanelOrSelf')" when navigating to framed page
  • VINYL-12778 - Roles page re-sorts when granting permission to pages
  • VINYL-12783 - Move security group settings to Edge Case page
  • VINYL-12815 - Copy table to Data Source that has full audit can fail
  • VINYL-12822 - Only allow Create on Dynamic results for Physical tables and Business Object
  • VINYL-12858 - adding a data source to a server let's you go back to pages you've never been to before.
  • VINYL-12863 - Registering a tenant database stores the wrong physical name
  • VINYL-12867 - Can't clear control sort order or direction
  • VINYL-12868 - Revisit Action Drawer navigation order and grouping
  • VINYL-12870 - Rule Builder - Changing a TableFrom reference table with joins
  • VINYL-12879 - Column visibility on panel not updated when parent panel binding changes
  • VINYL-12903 - Error saving run mvsql query
  • VINYL-12913 - Table displayed as GUID after granting role permission to existing business objects
  • VINYL-12917 - It is very simple for users to import the Vinyl database and view and change it's data
  • VINYL-12918 - Automatically add binding columns to notification rule when first table added.
  • VINYL-12919 - Manage permissions from role diagram
  • VINYL-12924 - Copying a rule that has reach associated with it results in an error
  • VINYL-12925 - Modifying existing help text does not automatically translate other languages.
  • VINYL-12926 - Vinyl Back button stops working on framed pages
  • VINYL-12932 - Only show reports when using Generate Report button
  • VINYL-12940 - Disallow publish to UI when creating a rule for a panel (existing page)
  • VINYL-12943 - Precision and Scale shown for column that can't set logical data type
  • VINYL-12960 - Get Started button on the edit screen for data source isn't working if "Auto generate primary keys" is enabled
  • VINYL-12963 - Only a handful of tables show up for import when creating a new data source.
  • VINYL-12973 - Update Phrases page to provide unique values, links to originating controls etc.
  • VINYL-12974 - REST Discover button should warn if POST doesn't have a Request Body.
  • VINYL-12976 - When Importing a REST endpoint, automatically set public permissions
  • VINYL-12979 - Can't select column usage type Group for List business objects
  • VINYL-12989 - Views and Store Proc are not being exported properly
  • VINYL-13011 - Duplicate controls and tables on the Role Page page
  • VINYL-13028 - SQL view "purpose" shows as a GUID
  • VINYL-13029 - During LP creation, sql views showing up in Data Configuration.
  • VINYL-13034 - Physical View cannot be used as a source for a panel.
  • VINYL-13037 - Roles panel on dashboard not bound to application data sources
  • VINYL-13054 - Wrapping field not using text area
  • VINYL-13055 - Auto gen calendar should put Start date first (index 10)
  • VINYL-13056 - Exception clicking the small page wireframe
  • VINYL-13066 - Button group on MRP not vertical aligning properly in row
  • VINYL-13076 - "+ Collection" button doesn't actually create a new collection. Rename?
  • VINYL-13089 - Spinner on large checkbox is offset.
  • VINYL-13094 - Disabled password control appears to be editable
  • VINYL-13098 - Vinyl Infinitely loads an app that nonexistent apps and nonexistent pages
  • VINYL-13101 - Can't delete a panel if another panel is bound to it. (silent failure)
  • VINYL-13150 - Scrolling SRP can get stuck