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The Vinyl > Admin page provides the ability for a Harmony organization administrator to configure the link where users will be taken when accessing the Harmony portal Vinyl tile in an organization with a Vinyl subscription.

To access the Vinyl > Admin page, use the Harmony portal menu:

Vinyl admin


Vinyl is subscription-based. For information about adding Vinyl to your license, contact Vinyl support.


The Vinyl instance to be accessed through the Harmony portal must be configured for Harmony single sign-on (SSO) using Vinyl's security provider for user authentication.

Set the Vinyl server URL

The Vinyl > Admin page provides a text box for entering the URL of the Vinyl server that you want the Vinyl tile to direct to:

configure URL

Enter the Vinyl server URL, then click Test Instance to verify the URL is to a valid Vinyl instance.

After verification, click Configure URL to save the configuration and return to the Harmony portal landing page.

Once configured, when users click the Vinyl tile, the configured URL will open in a new tab and users will be automatically logged in to Vinyl using Harmony portal authentication.


Only one Vinyl server URL can be configured for an organization's Vinyl tile. We recommend configuring the Vinyl server that your users access as the primary instance of your application. All Vinyl server URLs remain directly accessible outside of the Harmony portal.

To edit a configured Vinyl server URL, replace the URL, click Test Instance to validate it, and click Configure URL to save it.

For information on configuring Vinyl server URLs, see Sites and aliases.

Delete the Vinyl server URL

To remove a configured Vinyl server URL and return the Vinyl tile to an unconfigured state, click Delete Configuration.

When the tile is in an unconfigured state, the following message is displayed when users click the tile:

Not Yet Configured Vinyl is not currently configured. Please contact your Administrator.