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Audit Lite


Audit Lite is a Vinyl feature that provides a way to track changes to a table. Specifically, the following information is tracked:

Usage Type Description
AddedBy The username of the person who added the record.
AddedOn The date the record was added.
ChangedBy The username of the person who last modified the record.
ChangedOn The date the record was modified.

Along with tracking the data above, Vinyl provides a way to display Audit Information for Grid and Form panels.


Users who have permission to read data from a table that contains Audit Information will have permission to view Audit Data.

Configuring Audit Lite

Add Audit Lite Columns To Physical Table

Vinyl will automatically add the following Audit Lite columns upon table creation:

  • AddedBy
  • AddedOn
  • ChangedBy
  • ChangedOn


The column names are suggestions - there is no requirement to use those names. Also the physical data type may vary depending on the Data Source used.

Add Audit Lite To Panel

To show Audit Lite in a Grid or Form panel, do the following:

  1. Navigate to Action Drawer > Live Designer
  2. Select the panel
  3. From the Live Edit region on the right, click the Built-In tab
  4. Check to enable Show Audit


If you do not see the checkbox, the backing physical table for this panel does not have Audit Lite columns. Double check that the table configuration is correct.