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Column selection service

Vinyl's Column Selection Service is responsible for dynamically deciding what columns are visible on a Grid panel, when there are too many columns to display.


Column Selection Service is intentionally disabled on dynamic data grids, where you are viewing the contents of a table or rule directly.

The algorithm is described in detail in the attached presentation.

Key points to remember:

  • Priority 1 fields are never dropped.
  • The default priority (if not set) is 100.
  • Grid sort order is based on the first field, but can be set by setting sort order and sort direction on elements in the MRP
  • Width 0 fields are hidden (but used for sorting if they are the first field in the grid)
  • Fields that have been selected for display will have space allocated to them based on the sum of the widths requesting space.
  • A good guideline is to set the widths of columns based on the number of characters you would want them to display.
  • Column wrapping is not supported with Column Selection Services disabled.

Column select service algorithm - PowerPoint presentation