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Concur Vinyl connection guide 2.6


This guide describes the system requirements and instructions for connecting Vinyl to a Concur database server. This version is in beta from CData and will expire October 1st, after which a new version will need to be installed.

In order to connect your servers, you must have Vinyl 2.6 installed.

System requirements

Database server

Concur Database Server

Client web browser

  • Chrome TM 60 or newer

  • Firefox ® 55 or newer

  • Safari ® 11.0.2 or newer

Connection instructions

Adding a server

  1. Navigate to the Vinyl IDE

  2. From the Connect menu, click on the Connect to your enterprise link

  3. Click the Create button on the top left of the Data Servers panel. This will bring up the Add Server page.

    • Server Name: Identifiable name for server connection

    • Type: SAP Concur

    • Url: Host URL associated with SAP Concur Database instance

    • User Name/Password: Credentials associated with SAP Concur Database instance

    • Client ID: Client ID from SAP Concur Database Instance *

    • Client Secret: Client Secret from SAP Concur Database Instance *

      *Only available when Web Services is purchases along with SAP Concur license

    • Sandbox: Only checked in a test environment


  4. Click Save to complete server connection.

  5. Click Test Connection to ensure connection works properly.

Importing database

  1. Navigate to the Vinyl IDE

  2. From the Build menu, click on the Build your application link

  3. Click on Data Storage Layer.

  4. Concur Server Connections will autopopulate the Data Storage Layer with a Cloud Data Source


  5. At bottom of pop-up, click Import