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Google Sheets connection guide


This guide describes the system requirements and instructions for connecting Vinyl to a Google Sheets database server.

This connection type supports bidirectional access to data, including Vinyl CRUD business rules.

To connect your servers, you must have Vinyl 3.3+ installed.

System requirements

Database server

Google Sheets Database Server

Client web browser

  • Chrome: 84+

  • Firefox: 73+

  • Safari: 13.0.1+

  • Edge: 84+

Connection instructions

Configure Google Sheets from Google Console

  1. Navigate to Google Console:

  2. Enable Google Sheets API by clicking on "Enable APIs and Services" and searching Google Sheets

  3. From the dashboard, setup OAuth under "Credentials"


  4. Click "Create Credentials" at the top of the screen and choose "OAuth client ID"

  5. Choose Application type "Web Application" and give your application a name

  6. Add an Authorized redirect URI back to the security provider created next

  7. Click "Create" and make note of the Client ID and Client Secret

    Graphical user interface, text, application, email Description automatically generated


    The redirect URI in this example uses the Security Provider named GoogleOAuth.

Configure Google Sheets in Vinyl

  1. Setup Security Provider in Vinyl by navigating to the IDE > Security Providers

  2. Add a "Data Source Authentication" Security Provider

  3. Provide the following details:

    • Name: Matching string after "signin-" for redirect URI

    • Type: OAuth

    • Authentication Type: OAuth

    • OAuth Client Authentication: Basic

    • OAuth Resource Authentication: Bearer

    • Token Owner: Client

    • Redirect on Challenge: True

    • Endpoints:

      • Authorization Endpoint:

      • Token Endpoint:

    • Credentials:

      • Type: Client

      • User Name: Client ID from Google Console

      • Password: Client Secret from Google Console

    • Properties:

    • Scopes:

      • Visit Google's documentation for further guidance on Scopes. Multiple scopes can be added, separate by a space.


  4. Create Google Sheets Data Server from IDE > Data Servers > + Server

    • Server Name: Provide a name

    • Type: Google Sheets

    • Filename: UUID from Google Sheet URL

      • Example:
    • Security Provider: Choose Security Provider created in previous step

  5. Click Save

Test the connection

Click the Test Connection button from Testing.