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Installation scripts


Vinyl ships with several PowerShell scripts which aid in deployment and configuration.

Scripts directory

The PowerShell scripts are located in the \Scripts directory, beneath the Vinyl installation directory. For example, assuming Vinyl has been installed in the following directory:


The PowerShell scripts can be found in the following directory:



Vinyl ships with the following PowerShell scripts:


Execution policy

The Vinyl PowerShell scripts are not signed. To execute unsigned PowerShell scripts, administrators will need to change the PowerShell execution policy. To change the PowerShell script execution policy to "RemoteSigned", for instance, execute the following PowerShell command from an elevated command prompt:

> Set-ExecutionPolicy RemoteSigned

Elevated command prompt

Because the PowerShell scripts query the IIS metabase, they need to be executed from an elevated command prompt. Attempting to execute the scripts without elevated permissions will return the following error:

Import-Module : The script 'Vinyl.psm1' cannot be run because it contains a "#requires" statement for running as Administrator. The current Windows PowerShell session is not running as Administrator. Start Windows PowerShell by using the Run as Administrator option, and then try running the script again.

Web administration provider for Windows PowerShell

Vinyl uses the Web Administration Provider for Windows PowerShell to interact with IIS. Typically, this is installed as part of the Web werver role.

Design notes

Vinyl's PowerShell scripts follow PowerShell best practices, using approved verbs.