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Vinyl 3.3 introduces the Marketplace, a repository of components to accelerate your Vinyl app development productivity.


New Marketplace content will be added over time.

Marketplace overview

The Marketplace home page is the landing page for the Marketplace. From here you can:

  • View and filter content currently available in the Marketplace
  • Click the Installed Apps button to view a list of installed Marketplace apps, including Version and Installed date

The Marketplace offers the following types of content:

Type Description
Connectors Components for connecting data services.
Demo Applications Demo Vinyl applications that can be adapted to meet your business requirements.

Component details

Clicking the Details button from a Marketplace component will bring you to the Component Details screen, where you can review information about the component, including:

  • Component Name
  • Component Description
  • Component Version
  • Component Release Notes


How to install a component

In order to install a component from the Marketplace, it must be running on a version that is compatible with your Vinyl version. Installation of Marketplace components runs in the background.

  1. From the Site Menu, click the Marketplace button
  2. Locate the component you want to install
  3. Click the component Details button

    • Review the information about the component to confirm you want to install it
    • Click the Other Versions button to view older versions of the Marketplace app (if applicable). The current app will appear first in this list, and if an older version is required (if compatible with your current Vinyl version) it can be retrieved here.
  4. Click the Get button

  5. Click the Proceed button

How to uninstall a component

If needed, Marketplace apps can be uninstalled through the standard LP deployment area of the IDE. This process works the same way as how you uninstall a Vinyl app.

  1. Navigate to the IDE
  2. Click the Install Release button
  3. Click the Installed Packages tab
  4. Locate the installed Marketplace app and click the corresponding Uninstall button