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Mobile application installation - Native Vinyl wrapper


This manual describes how to download the Native Vinyl wrapper as a mobile application.

System requirements

Database server

An Active Vinyl instance or environment

Mobile device

iOS or Android mobile device

Application download/setup

Download the Vinyl application

  1. Navigate to the App Store (iOS) or the Play Store (Android) and search for Vinyl Mobile.


  2. Download the application and open.

  3. Choose whether to allow Vinyl to send notifications and select Allow or Don't allow accordingly

Set up the Vinyl application

  1. Click Get Started under the welcome screen in the Vinyl Mobile app.

  2. On the Configure Server screen, enter the URL for the server you wish to access via this application, for example:

  3. After entering a valid server name, it will redirect to the server's login page, where the User can login with Local Authorization or using the security provider set up for that server, for example, Azure login. A third-party security provider such as Azure will reroute to a separate login screen for that authentication, i.e., logging into Microsoft 365 with Azure login.

  4. After a successful login, the application will now show the Site Menu for the provided server and you can access the configured server's Vinyl applications.