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Panel size options

In order to accommodate more complex layouts, additional sizing option selections are available that can help fine-tune the way Panels are displayed on the screen. By default, Vinyl will set a Panel to a standard or 'Regular' width which is determined to be optimal by Vinyl. Typically this width is approximately 48ems, and 1em is usually equivalent to 1 "Zudy" but that can change if a user has enabled the zoom feature. The designer can set the width of a Panel at the site, app or Page level.

Panel size options available

The different Panel size Options available refer to the Panel width, and are based off of the 'Regular' or standard width. The different Panel size Options available, along with their calculations to determine width are:

  • Extra Tiny: 48em x 0.25000
  • Tiny: 48em x 0.50000
  • Small: 48em x 0.75000
  • Regular: 48em x 1.00000
  • Large: 48em x 2.00000
  • Extra Large: 48em x 3.00000

Configuring panel size options in Vinyl

The following instructions assume you have a Page configured already in Vinyl with a Panel you want to change the width for.

  1. From the Page you want to change the Panel width, go to Action Drawer > Live Designer
  2. Select the Panel you want to change width
  3. From the Panel Properties region, select the desired Panel Size. For example: Extra Tiny
  4. Click Save
  5. Confirm the update