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Plugin HttpRetrieverPlugin

The HttpRetriever makes a request to a specified url, and stores the result in the "result" column. The typical use of this Plugin would be setting it up to be triggered as a Plugin on Insert, and typically run BEFORE the Insert event. The functionality is then triggered by inserting a url into a staging table, and the Plugin populates a result column.

As of Vinyl 3.1, additional Parameters for Method, Content, ContentType, Proxyurl, Proxyusername and Proxypassword are supported for the HttpRetriever plugin. These are set by matching column names in your table/Business Object. Case does not matter on the param (column) names.

Fields in data object used by this Plugin:

Field Name Required Updated by Plugin Description
Url * The url to retrieve.
Accept Used to override the Accept-Type request header. Defaults to application/json
Httpheader Used to provide additional request headers. Can be a semi-colon separated list: 'Header1:Value1;Header2:Value2'
Result * * The data retrieved will be placed here.
Method This is the type of request. GET, POST, PUT, DELETE. Case does not matter. If not found or is null it will default to GET.
Content Required for POST or PUT This is the body of the content you are posting.
ContentType This is the content-type of the Content you are posting. Defaults to application/json.
Proxyurl The proxy server that Vinyl should use when making the HTTP request.
Proxyusername The proxy server User Name used to authenticate (optional).
Proxypassword The proxy server Password used to authenticate (optional).