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Plugin Save Report

This plugin runs a Crystal Report and saves the PDF to the /vinyl/data/pdf/ directory. The plugin will search the object that the event it is attached to sits on for the below fields. These fields are case sensitive.

This has only been tested for the ExcelWorkbook export format, but the export only returns the amount of records that your report panel allows, which defaults to 1000. If you do not set a Rows Per Request for your report's panel, you will only be able to see the first 1000 records. This field accepts very large values, tested with 1,000,000.


This Plugin was formerly named SaveCrystalReport

To configure panel row limit

  1. From the Report page in your app, go to Action Drawer > Design this page
  2. Click the More button and select Edge Case
  3. Under Report Options, set the numeric value for Panel Row Limit. For example: 10000
  4. Click Save
Field Name Required by Plugin Updated by Plugin Description
reportGuid * The guid for the Crystal Report page to run. You can find this by designing your page, and then clicking page Edge Case settings, and copying the ControlID in the URL
fileName * The filename to name the file in the directory
bindingCriteria Using dynamic substitution with values in the business object (i.e. {{CustomerID}}), you can define the binding criteria that will be used when the action is executed. For example, if you wanted to bind into a specific Customer and Order, you would create a new column aliased as bindingCriteria and define it as:
  • abdb5281-bf48-4161-818e-1cb851ad5cca as CustomerID
  • 123 as OrderNo
  • 'CustomerID=' || cast({{CustomerID}} as nvarchar(50)) || '&OrderNo=' || {{OrderNo}} as bindingCriteria
When Vinyl then runs the binding criteria it will use the following string CustomerID=abdb5281-bf48-4161-818e-1cb851ad5cca&OrderNo=123 Note, any non-string data types will need to be cast as a string to be included in the binding criteria string value.
fileDataSourceId The data source to save the report to. The data source must be a file data source, ie. Local File System, Network File System, or S3
printer To print from the Vinyl server to a printer, include this field in your data object. If the value is empty, it will print to the default printer. Otherwise it will look for a printer with the name specified and print to that. Specifying an invalid name results in an exception. Printing is performed from the Vinyl Server, not from the users' browser.
exportFormatType Can be used to pass other formats to the Crystal Report engine. The default is to generate a PDF, but other possible values (untested) are:
  • RichText
  • WordForWindows
  • HTML32
  • HTML40
  • ExcelRecord
  • Text
  • CharacterSeparatedValues
  • TabSeparatedText
  • EditableRTF
  • Xml
  • RPTR
  • ExcelWorkbook
  • PortableDocFormat (use this value if looking to output as PDF document)


exportFormatType values are case sensitve.