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Overview of the Sleep Plugin

The Sleep Plugin allows a developer to add a wait timer between the execution of Actions on an Event. Once you have added the Plugin as an Action to an Event, add a column named TimeOut to the columns of that Event's Business Object. The TimeOut column will store a numerical value that instructs Vinyl how long to wait between Actions (specified in milliseconds).

The Sleep Plugin defaults to a 1 second pause (or 1000 MS), and requires the millisecond value as control over how long to pause.

The Sleep Plugin will work using the default value of 1 second pause as is, or you can define a column named TimeOut where you specify the new pause value in MS.

The Sleep Plugin, like all Plugins, has the restriction that the column needs to have been loaded to work as expected. This happens automatically when you use a Conditional Formatting (for all columns), or when the column backs a Control (it can be a Hidden/Filter Control).