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Logical function definition.

public class Vinyl.Sdk.Functions.Function
    : IEquatable<Function>


Type Name Summary
Guid FunctionId Gets the function identifier.
String Name Gets the function name.
FunctionPurpose Purpose Gets the function purpose.


Type Name Summary
Boolean Equals(Object obj)
Boolean Equals(Function other)
Int32 GetHashCode()


Indicates the function purpose.

public enum Vinyl.Sdk.Functions.FunctionPurpose
    : Enum, IComparable, IFormattable, IConvertible


Value Name Summary
0 Scalar Performs an operation on a value and returns a single value.
1 Aggregate Performs an operation on a set of values and returns a single vale.


Extension methods for the Vinyl.sdk.functions.ifunctionservice interface.

public static class Vinyl.Sdk.Functions.FunctionServiceExtensions

Static Methods

Type Name Summary
Function GetAverageFunction(this IFunctionService service) Gets the Average aggregate function.
Function GetCountFunction(this IFunctionService service) Gets the Count aggregate function.
Function GetMaxFunction(this IFunctionService service) Gets the Max aggregate function.
Function GetMinFunction(this IFunctionService service) Gets the Min aggregate function.
Function GetSumFunction(this IFunctionService service) Gets the Sum aggregate function.


Describes a service which performs function-related options.

public interface Vinyl.Sdk.Functions.IFunctionService


Type Name Summary
Function GetFunction(Guid functionId) Gets the function with the given identifier.
Boolean TryGetFunction(String functionName, Function& function) Gets the function with the given name.