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Access to public data objects


Public Data Objects are available for usage when developing Vinyl apps. These objects reside in the Vinyl data source and can be used in Business Rule logic.

Public Data Objects have defined Roles that can access them. This information is documented at the individual public data object level. Anytime you need to modify permissions on a public data object, best practice is to create a business object in your app data source, and control access to that via your app data source Roles.

For example, the App_Page_List data object is only accessible to Vinyl system administrators. If you want to make the App_Page_List information available to all app users, create a business rule that selects from the public data object in your app data source. Once you have a business rule created, you can modify permissions via Roles.

How to add a public data object to a business rule

  1. Navigate to the App Workbench > Business Layer
  2. Confirm your App Data Source is selected. For example: Default - Northwinds
  3. Click + Rule
  4. Assign a Name. For example: NW_App_Page_List
  5. Select Business Object as the Purpose
  6. Set the Source Data Source to Vinyl (Sealed)
  7. Set the Target as the public data object table you want to use. For example: App_Page_List
  8. Click Save
  9. Enter Technical Help to provide context to other developer users. For example: App_Page_List with custom permissions
  10. Configure any additional required logic for the rule

How to control access to the public data object from rule

  1. From the Rule created above, click on More > Edge Case
  2. Click the Roles button
  3. Click + Permission
  4. Select a Role you want to have access. For example: User
  5. Click the checkmark icon to save the record
  6. Continue to grant any additional Roles if needed


For more information on public data objects or Roles: