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Send real-time popup notifications to Vinyl users while they are using Vinyl.


Target of business insert rule.


Inserting into this data object will create the notification and send the notification to any recipients that are currently logged on. For recipients that are not logged on, optionally pop up the notification when they next log in to Vinyl.

The popup will disappear after the Timeout (in seconds). If not provided, the user needs to manually dismiss the notification.


Read Write
No Yes




  • Administrator

Table schema

Column Required Description
To Yes Comma-delimited list of email addresses to send to. Multiple To() fields can be targeted to send to multiple recipients (in addition to using comma-delimited values). An exception is thrown if this field is not provided or null. Example: ','
From (3.1) No Email address representing the From address. Example: ''
Body Yes The content of the notification message a User sees through Vinyl
Template No (This Column is obsolete)
Binding No If provided, this will identify the record matched to the option for this notification. Multiple bindings can be defined. Example: CustomerID
Timeout No If provided, represents the value (in seconds) after which popup notification will dissappear. If not provided, User must manually dismiss the notification. Example: 15
Persistent No Boolean value that indicates whether the alert should be considered persistent. This attribute is only applicable when sending an alert to a UserId. All alerts have a Dismiss button that removes the alert from the user's notification panel. The user can ignore the alert or close their window or log out of Vinyl. If persistent is true (1), the alert will be displayed repeatedly, each time the user logs in to Vinyl, until the user actively dismisses the alert. Use this technique to ensure that an alert is read by the user. Example: 1
InstanceId (3.1) No UUID representing the Vinyl instance, allows notification to be associated with an instance.