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Provides write access to request phrase translations.


Business insert rule target.


This data object can be used to request a translations for a phrase into the current set of supported languages. Target this data object and insert a phrase into it. This will kick off a series of background jobs, which send the phrase to the VInyl Babel server for translations. If the local server already has a translation for the phrase, no action will be taken. Only the Insert action is supported.


Read Write
No Yes




  • Administrator
  • User

Table schema

Column Description Required
Phrase The phrase to translate. Yes
TranslatePhraseId The id of the record. This will be automatically generated unless specified. No
BundleId The translation bundle to use. The bundle will be automatically determined by Vinyl unless specified. No
TranslationKey The translation key to use. Typically the Phrase itself is used as the translation key. However some phrases do not map well to keys (e.g. a large chunk of HTML). Using this column allows the developer to override the key. No
TranslationFormatId The translation format. Refer to the Translation_format public data object for more info. No
TranslationTypeId The translation type. Refer to the Translation_type public data object for more info. No