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Provides read access to translation types.


Read from business object.


This data object provides developers read-only access to the translation types used by Vinyl. Translation type indicates whether the translation comes from the application or from data. Application translations are created during the development of the app and correspond to design time text (e.g. control names/labels). Data translations occur from using the application and are typically created at runtime, and in the environment the app is running (ie production). Translations that are the result of creating or modifying data in a column marked as Translatable will be tagged with the Data translation type.


Read Write
Yes No


TranslationTypeId Name Description
0 Application Phrases included in the application ie control names.
1 Data Phrases from translatable columns of the application data source.


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Table schema

Column Primary Key Description
TranslationTypeId Yes The translation type id.
Name No Name of the translation type.
Description No Description of the translation type.