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Provides translations for the current user and application.


Read from business object.


The Translation_User business object provides a quick way to look up a translation for the current user using the current app. This will return either the user's language translation, or the default culture translation if the former is unavailable.


Read Write
Yes No




  • Administrator
  • User

Table schema

Column Primary Key Description
BundleId Yes The bundle id. Refer to the Bundle and Bundle_app public data objects for more info.
TranslationKey Yes The translation key to look up.
LanguageId No The language id for the current user. Refer to the Language public data object for more info.
TranslationFormatId No The translation format. Refer to the Translation_format public data object for more info.
TranslationTypeId No The translation type. Refer to the Translation_type public data object for more info.
Value No The translation itself.