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Retrieving a dump file from Vinyl

There are several possible reasons you may want to retrieve a dump file from Vinyl:

  • Vinyl is slow to respond to requests or unresponsive
  • You are performance testing Vinyl

To retrieve a dump file you will need to login to the server Vinyl is running on with an account with Administrator privileges.

Open Task Manager, and locate the IIS Work Process (w3wp.exe if viewing executable names)

Screen shot 2016 12 02 at 9 57 08 am

Right click on the process, and choose Create dump file:

Screen shot 2016 12 02 at 9 57 49 am

The dump file can take a minute to two to be generated. Make a note of where the file was placed. You may want to generate a couple of dump files in a row so that behavior can be seen across multiple snapshots.

Screen shot 2016 12 02 at 9 58 33 am

The dump file can be anywhere from 200M to 1500M. Remove the file from the server and transmit the file to the Vinyl support team.