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Run on fail option for events


Run on Fail is a configurable option, if appropriate, for Events. This option is intended for Events that can run on fail.

How to configure run on fail

  • Create an Event that will be run as a Failure Handler when a scheduled Event fails. Both the Failure Handler and the Event itself need to be configured with Execution Type set to Launch Via Schedule (Background).
  • Add an Event to a Schedule. Set the Failure Handler as the Handler Event value for the Event that you created.
  • If the scheduled Event results in a failure of any kind, then the on Failure Handler will run, and the schedule will abort execution, logging the original exception.


A scheduled Event may run against multiple rows. If any rows fail, that Event is considered to have failed. For example, 100 rows may succeed and 3 may fail. In this case, the Event is considered to be failed, and the Failure Handler will be executed. It is executed a single time for the failed Event. So if 1,000 rows fail, the Failure Handler Event is still only run once.

Example use 1

Notify an Administrator on failure.

  • Update a status flag.
  • Send an email.

Example use 2

Network disruption communicating with another server (REST, Vinyl Connector).

  • Mark records to retry later.
  • Retry a few times right away.