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Security provider - User provisioning

Unlike most other security provider types, the User Provisioning provider type is not a user or data source authentication scheme. Instead, it enables programmatic creation of user accounts.

Vinyl does not allow developers to build CRUD rules that write directly to the Vinyl user and group tables. Instead, Vinyl exposes a public data object named User_Create. Developers can build XP CRUD rules that insert records into the User_Create data object, thus creating user accounts.

The User_Create data object requires a ProviderId. The ProviderId identifies the security provider configuration to use when creating a new user account. Typically, it identifies a User Provisioning security provider.

This approach allows developers to build applications which support user account creation while allowing security administrators to maintain control of the authorization policies applied to new user accounts. This is done with security provider groups. See User & Group Provisioning for more information.



The User Provisioning security provider does not define any parameters.