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Security provider - Vinyl / OpenID Connect

The Vinyl / OpenID Connect (V/OIDC) security provider is a vendor-specific implementation of the OpenID Connect security provider. It allows one Vinyl instance to authenticate users with another Vinyl Authorization server.

The V/OIDC security provider can also be used to authorize requests to the following Vinyl-hosted data servers:

  • REST
  • Vinyl Connector


The V/OIDC security provider requires:

  • OpenID Connect Issuer endpoint
  • Client credentials (client_id and client secret)

The V/OIDC does not define any endpoints, credentials, parameters or claim mappings beyond those supported by the OpenID Connect security provider.


Type Default Description
OpenID Connect Issuer None Corresponds to the Vinyl authorization server URL, e.g.


Type Default Description
Client None See Client Authentication for instructions on how to register a client application and generate a client secret.


The V/OIDC security does not support the ReplaceIssuerTenantId parameter.