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Vinyl ships with a hidden application that allows authenticated users to manage their individual accounts. This allows administrators to delegate account management tasks to users.

The self-service application

The self-service application consists of two pages:

  • User Profile
  • Change Password

User profile

The User Profile page allows users to change the following account attributes:

  • Full Name
  • Display Name
  • Devices - will show a list of devices registered for the User
  • Email Address
  • Phone Number


Users may not change their account User Name.

Change password

The Change Password page allows users to change their local user account password. This page is only available if the user has authenticated using the Local user security provider. It will not be available if the user has authenticated with an external authentication provider such as Salesforce, regardless of whether or not the account allows local authentication. This ensures that the user has provided his or her current password.

Enabling the self-service application

Only administrators have access to the self-service application by default. Security administrators can grant access to the application through standard group privileges.

The following instructions demonstrate how to grant the Users group, which typically includes all authenticated users, privilege to the self-service application:

  1. Log into Vinyl as an administrator.
  2. Navigate to the IDE.
  3. Click on User Management.
  4. Click the Groups menu item.
  5. Locate the Users group and click the Manage Privileges button.
  6. In the Privileges panel, click the Create button.
  7. Provide the following:

    • Type: Application
    • Application: Vinyl - User
  8. Click the Save button.