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SOAP API Vinyl connection guide 2.6


This guide describes the system requirements and instructions for connecting Vinyl to a SOAP API and endpoint.

In order to connect your servers, you must have Vinyl 2.6 installed.

System requirements

Web services server


Client web browser

  • Chrome TM 60 or newer

  • Firefox ® 55 or newer

  • Safari ® 11.0.2 or newer

Connection instructions

Adding a server

  1. Navigate to the Vinyl IDE

  2. From the Connect menu, click on the Connect to your enterprise link

  3. Click the Create button on the top left of the Data Servers panel. This will bring up the Add Server page.

    • Server Name: Identifiable name for server connection Type: REST API

    • Sub Type: SOAP

    • Url: Url associated with SOAP API

    • Request Content Type: XML

    • Response Content Type: XML


  4. Click Save to complete server connection.

  5. Click Test Connection to ensure connection works properly.

Endpoint configuration

  1. Click on the Server Name of the SOAP API connection you just made

  2. In the Endpoints panel, click Create

  3. Add the following data:

    • Name: Identifiable name for endpoint Endpoint: Segment of url specific to endpoint

    • Method: One of the API methods, i.e. POST, GET, PUT, DELETE, PATCH

    • Sample Input: Direct copy of xml body from desired API endpoint, with variables put in {{ }} to pass in Endpoint Parameters

    • Test Url: Full url of API and endpoint


  4. In the Endpoint Parameters panel, click Create in order to create parameters matching what was put in {{ }} in the previous step. This is where you can enter credentials such as an API-KEY or url queries.

  5. Click Save to complete entering endpoint parameter

  6. Click Test Connection to ensure endpoint is properly configured.

  7. Click Import to complete endpoint configuration