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Teradata file requirements

If you are using Teradata with Vinyl 3.3+, you will need to download and install the required Teradata files.


You must have Administrator privileges to install the .NET Data Provider for Teradata.

  1. Go to Teradata to download the .NET Data Provider for Teradata
  2. Login to Teradata
  3. Once signed in, select and download:
    • OS Version: Windows X86-64 (64-bit)
    • Release Version:
  4. Locate the download and copy the netstandard2.0 files to the Vinyl directory. In particular the following files are required:
File Name Description
Teradata.Client.Provider.dll .NET Data Provider for Teradata assemblies
Teradata.Net.Security.Tdgss.dll .NET TeraGSS assemblies
ja\Teradata.Client.Provider.resources.dll .NET Data Provider for Teradata assemblies
ja\Teradata.Net.Security.Tdgss.resources.dll .NET TeraGSS assemblies