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The Translations feature allows apps to support multiple languages. Keys and their corresponding translations are stored in a Vinyl Bundle. The Bundle is associated with Applications and Data Sources. At run-time, the users' language is determined, and the appropriate translation is fetched from the Bundle.

Vinyl also allows you to automatically fetch translations for your bundle from the Vinyl Babel service. This powerful feature allows you to translate your app in a matter of minutes.


Some Translations run in the background, and may take a while to finish processing. You can monitor these Gb_TranslationBabelJob background tasks from the Vinyl Logs.

Quick Setup

If you're interested in getting started right away, here are the minimal steps to get going:

  1. Navigate to the IDE > Language Translations

    1. Click + Language to add a language
    2. Select the Language Name
    3. Click the checkbox to save the language. Translations for the new language should begin to be fetched from the Vinyl Babel server for the Vinyl IDE.
  2. Click the Bundles tab

    1. Click the + Bundle button in the Bundles panel to create a new bundle.
    2. Assign a Name and Description, click the checkmark icon to save
    3. Click the + Application button in the Applications panel and add your application. This should also add any data sources linked to your application.
  3. Click the Phrases tab

    1. Examine the English text used in your app for any inconsistencies.
    2. Modifying values on this page will directly modify the Control Name/Label, Event messages, and Validation message in your app.
  4. Click the Process tab

    1. Now click the Process button for your bundle. This will fetch translations from Babel in the background. Wait a minute or two and refresh the page to see the graph of Found vs Missing translations.
    2. At this point you should be ready to test. Go to your User Profile in the Action Drawer, select a language, refresh your browser window, and start testing your app!