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Scrolling groups


Scrolling Groups is a feature which allows you to change the layout of panels as they appear on the screen. Rather than having panels appear in a fixed, or static, location on the screen, panels that are configured as a Scrolling Group will scroll vertically on the screen.


This feature is not available for horizontal scrolling at this time.

Scrolling groups tutorial

Configuring scrolling groups in Vinyl

These instructions assume you already have a page created in Vinyl which contains panels that you wish to group together into a Scrolling Group.

  1. From the Vinyl Page where you want to create a Scrolling Group, go to Action Drawer > Live Designer
  2. Under the Page menu, click the Show Groups tab
  3. Click the + Group button
  4. Assign the Scrolling Group a unique Name. For example, Side Group
  5. Select whether you want the Layout for the Panel to appear Side by Side or Stacked
  6. Select the Parent for the Scrolling Group (Page or Group)
  7. Select the Size you want the Panel to display. For example, Large
  8. Place a checkmark in the Scroll checkbox, to enable scrolling
  9. Click on the checkmark icon to save the Group
  10. Click on the X icon to exit out of the Groups window and return to the Page Edit screen
  11. Under the Panel Properties menu, set the Parent value to the Scrolling Group for any Panels you want to add to the Scrolling Group
  12. Navigate back to the app view, refresh the browser and confirm the update