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mvSQL Editor

In Vinyl 2.7 you can now use mvSQL Editor to edit objects in the Business Logic Layer. mvSQL Editor is a standalone code editor that can be embedded into web pages.

This feature was created to provide a way to create expressions within a business object's columns with the aid of code editor functionality such as autocomplete.

This guide will show an example using Northwinds data and utilizes SQL functions in a Customers business object.

The mvSQL Editor is automatically enabled in Vinyl 2.7 and can be leveraged by typing in the Column or Expression field when creating a business object.

Aceeditor 1

After selecting a function, the expression will have spaces for arguments.

Acefig 2

Acefig 3

Begin typing immediately to replace the first "argument" text with a column. After choosing the first argument, press the tab button to start editing the second column.

Acefig 4

This example shows use of the Concat function, however, all the available functions can be view by navigating to the Vinyl IDE -> Configuration (under "Monitor") -> Functions.