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Configure REST/web service logging

Vinyl supports the ability to log various web service requests. For example:

  • REST Datasource calls (a request made to an external system)
  • REST API calls (a request made to Vinyl itself)
  • Webhooks

A running log of these events can be viewed by navigating to:

  • IDE > REST APIs > Logs

Example of REST API logs

The information captured is as follows:

  • Date the request was received
  • Resource Name
  • Resource Endpoint
  • Request Type
  • Status Code
  • Success
  • External (if the request is made to an external system)
  • Elapsed Time (in milliseconds)

Detailed logging

Detailed logging can be enabled for Web Services and allows a much deeper capture of the request. In particular detailed logging will capture:

  • URL
  • Request/Response Header
  • Request/Response Bodies

Example REST API log with detail


In order to configure detailed logging, configure a logging filter by executing the following steps:

  • Navigate to IDE > REST APIs > Logs
  • Click the Configuration button


  • Configure the App the API call is destined for
  • Optionally select an individual Table

For a REST datasource or webhook:

  • Configure the Data Source the REST call uses
  • Optionally select an individual Table

Other common optional parameters:

  • Select a Status Code Range e.g. 400-499
  • Select a Disable After time in minutes (e.g. 90 to have detailed logging active for 90 minutes)

Make the filter active:

  • Check the Active flag to activate the filter

After making these configuration changes, the web service request should include detailed logging.