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Create new application wizard

New in Vinyl 3.0, there is a Create New Application Wizard that allows you to rapidly create a brand new app in just a matter of a few simple clicks. This wizard supports the option to either create an app using an existing database available in the Vinyl environment or to create a new database upon app creation.


Screenshot of New Application Wizard

Create an application tutorial

To create a new application using the wizard

  • Log into your Vinyl environment
  • From the Site Menu, click on the +Application footer link
  • Provide a Name for the app. For example: Northwinds
  • Provide a Description for the app (optional)
  • App Logo Image Options (optional):

    • If you have an existing app icon logo, you can add it using the + symbol in the Upload an App logo region
    • Optionally, you can use the Select Existing Image menu and select one of the shipped app icon images
  • If your app will use a database already available in the Vinyl environment, click Proceed

  • If you are creating a brand new database along with your app, click on Create Database, and then click the Create button
  • Locate the data source you wish to link your application to, and click the corresponding Link button
  • Click the Workbench button to go to the App Workbench where you can build out your app
  • Or, click the View Application button to launch your Application in its current state