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Hide columns from CSV download

This article will describe how you can prevent a Control from being a Column included in a CSV download. Vinyl supports the ability to download a CSV file in two ways, enable Download on an Grid panel and via the Export Action.

Enable download

To enable Download at the panel level for a Grid panel, check to enable the Download option under the Built-In panel options. Doing this will display a download disk icon on the top right of the page. Clicking the download icon will download a CSV file named after your panel. When using this method, all Controls on the page (besides HTML controls with an HTML Template) will be downloaded to the CSV, even those which are hidden. If you need to display a Control on your Grid but hide it from the download, you can make it an HTML Control with a simple Template to display, and then Vinyl will hide it in the CSV download.

Export action

You can pull the results of a Business Object and save it to a CSV on a file system. The Export Action can be added to any Event on any object, but is typically added to a Button on an Admin page since every report has to be stored, and storage space is limited. If you need to hide columns from this CSV, you will have to remove the columns out of the Business Object that generates the CSV.