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Developer silos


Developer Silos enable Vinyl Administrators to grant a Developer User access to a select group of applications and data sources. Developers are able to build tables and pages, but are prevented from accessing most Administrative functions in the Vinyl platform. Specifically, a Developer User is prevented from doing the following:

  • Viewing/Editing Applications and Data Sources outside their silo
  • Adding/Deleting Data Source Servers
  • Adding/Deleting Data Sources
  • Accessing Security related pages (Group, User Management, etc.)
  • Accessing Vinyl Configuration pages
  • Subscribing/Publishing REST endpoints
  • Configuring Webhooks
  • Translating Applications
  • Installing LPs

In Vinyl, the Developer User is capable of doing the following in their authorized applications and data sources:

  • Add/Edit/Delete pages
  • Edit most configuration for an Application
  • Add/Edit/Delete tables, business objects, rules, etc.
  • Edit most configuration for a Data Source
  • Edit Collections attached to their Applications
  • Build LP packages


To configure a Developer User with siloed access, the following steps must be taken:

Add user to the silo developers group

  • Navigate to IDE > User Management
  • Select the user from the Users panel
  • Click + Membership in the Membership panel
  • Select Silo Developers as the Group
  • Click on the check mark icon to save and add the user to the Silo Developers group

Configure access to applications and data sources

  • Navigate to IDE > Additional Settings
  • Click the Silo Permissions button
  • On the Developer Application Access panel, map the User(s) to the Applications they should have access to
  • On the Developer Data Source Access panel, map the User(s) to the Data Sources they should have access to
  • Save all settings and test

Additional notes

  • A User who has is added to both Silo Developers and Administrators groups will not have access to the Administrative screens in Vinyl. If Administrative access is required for the User, simply remove them from the Silo Developers group. This limitation will be addressed in a future Vinyl release.
  • It is possible to add Users to the Silo Permissions page that do not have the Silo Developers role. Silo permissions will not be in effect in that case. This issue will be addressed in a future Vinyl release.