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Event inheritance

Event Inheritance allows Events created at the table level to automatically be available for use at the Business Rule level. When Event Inheritance is disabled, or turned Off, a Developer must manually create a custom Event created on a table at the Business Rule level to leverage it from the Business Rule.

Event Inheritance helps to speed up the overall development process and removes a sometimes error prone manual process.

As of Vinyl 3.1, the default behavior for the Event Inheritance feature is On.

Auto inherit events

There is a new Control available for applicable Business Rules that defines the Event Inheritance behavior. If you drill into a Business Object > More > Edge Case you will see the "Auto Inherit Events" control here, selected or On by default:


Auto Inherit Event setting available on Business Rules

If it's desired (though not recommended behavior) you are able to deselect Auto Inherit Events and that Business Rule will no longer automatically inherit associated table Events.

Event inheritance example

To illustrate how Event Inheritance works, for example, you might have a panel bound to a Customer (Source) Business Object. If an Event gets created on the Customer table (e.g., MyNewEvent), it will immediately be available on the panel without needing to manually add the same Event to the Customer (Source) Business Object.

In this example we illustrate a Button Control being able to leverage a Custom Event created on a table:


Example Custom Event created on the Customer table


Custom Event MyNewEvent is available on the Panel using Customer (Source) by Default