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Export an event to CSV


This guide will step you through how to export information associated with an Event to CSV from Vinyl. An Event in Vinyl has an associated Execution Plan Summary, which automatically generates for Events and adds line items to it for each Action and/or Validation associated with the Event. The intrinsic Save Event does not have an associated Execution Plan by design, as this Event gets called by the Update and Insert Events. Any Events created on the intrinsic Save Event will display in the Execution Plan for the Update and Insert Events.

When adding an Action to an Event, you can define After or Before as the When value, which will determine its order of occurrence relative to the intrinsic Events it calls (e.g. Update/Save).

You can export out an Event Execution Plan Summary to .CSV by following the steps described in this guide:

  1. Navigate to the Business Logic layer, for the data source containing the Event(s) you wish to export
  2. Locate and click on the Events icon for the Table or Rule you wish to export
  3. Click the Open Record icon or double click the Event you want to export
  4. Click More > Execution Plan
  5. Click the Save to CSV icon from the Execution Plan Summary screen
  6. Vinyl automatically assigns a File name, you can edit it from the Save As window if appropriate
  7. Vinyl automatically assigns the File type as Microsoft Excel Comma Separated Values File (CSV)
  8. If you wish to save the CSV file to a different location, you can change this value on the Save As window
  9. Click Save