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Find your Vinyl server URL when configuring the Vinyl mobile app

When you install and configure the Vinyl Mobile App you will be asked to enter your Vinyl Server URL. The information provided should be the same server URL value used when you access your Vinyl app from any standard web browser on any device (e.g., desktop, laptop, tablet). The Vinyl Server URL entered must be a fully qualified URL address including the https:// prefix.

The Vinyl server URL only needs to be entered when configuring the initial Vinyl mobile app installation and will be remembered by the app going forward.

To find your Vinyl server URL

  1. Open your Vinyl app in a browser
  2. Copy the first part of the URL address from your browser's address bar. Example:
  3. Enter the server URL value into the Configure Server field that is visible when installing and configuring the Vinyl Mobile App:


Configure Server field available when installing Vinyl Mobile App

The Vinyl server URL might look like some of these examples:


If you are unsure of the Vinyl server URL value used to access your Vinyl app, please contact your System Administrator.