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Keyboard shortcuts

Vinyl supports the ability to use certain keyboard shortcuts while working in it. The overarching goal of utilizing keyboard shortcuts is to provide the ability to do your work in a quicker or faster way. The currently supported keyboard shortcuts are enumerated in this article. Over time as we add support for more keyboard shortcuts we will expand this article.

Supported hotkeys

The following table outlines currently supported keyboard hotkeys used for shortcuts along with the resultant effect.


For the key commands listed use the ctrl key for Windows, and use the command key for Mac.

Key(s) Form panel Grid panel
e Edit Edit
[ctrl] + ` Open/close the Live Designer Open/close the Live Designer
c Create row
[ctrl or command] + [enter]
[ctrl or command] + s
Saves row Saves row
Save all edited records
[delete] Deletes row Select row to be deleted
[esc] Cancels edit (both panel types) / Close modal page Cancel edit or delete / Close modal page
Up and down arrows Activates edit on Excel Mode, which allows user to edit the same column across row(s)
[tab] Move down, [shift-tab] Move back [tab] Move right, [shift-tab] Move left
[shift] Holding the [shift] key down while while selecting rows will select all rows in-between the selection


  1. Saving and closing a filter will work just like a Form panel
  2. When navigating through a grid rows, if they are in Edit or Excel mode, user focus will persist on the same column of the new active row.