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Configuration setting for log secure data

New in Vinyl 2.7 there is a Log Secure Data configuration setting available to allow you to control logging and storing of sensitive data in log files. By default this feature is not enabled, and there are Configuration options that can now be enabled. There are options to enable this feature at the Memory Log, Database Log, and Disk Log areas of the application logging. Enabling this feature will result in a change to the output being generated and stored by Vinyl log files.

To configure log secure data

  1. Navigate to the Vinyl IDE
  2. Click on Manage servers and schedules from the Monitor menu
  3. Click on Logs from the navigation menu
  4. Click on App Server Memory Logs from the Logs window
  5. Click the Edit Configuration button
  6. Place a checkmark in any or all of options for Log Secure Data that apply to your business situation
  7. Click Save


Changes to log files when log secure data is enabled

When the Log Secure Data feature is enabled, Vinyl will change how the information is captured and being stored in the Vinyl log files. Secure logging adds obfuscation to certain properties in a log. The clearest example of this is the "Data" parameters attached to an Exception. For instance in this screenshot illustration, the data parameter names are exposed but the values are marked as *. **If you turn on secure logging, those values will not be obfuscated.